1. Holiday sex ideas

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    Some ideas please :) going on holiday with the boyf soon and we want to have a different sex 'challenge' for every day. Have only come up with not very interesting ones so far (have sex more than x times in one day, do something naughty ouside, only have sex in water)

    Anyone got any good ideas?! Will be much appreciated!!

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    You could have a masturbation competition!

    Either furiously masturbating and both avoid an orgasm for as long as possible loser has a forfeit!


    See how many orgasms you can both give yourselves in a one day period?

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    If you've got a little bit of money to spend how about getting something like a remote control vibrator?

    We purchased this one before a naughty weekend away: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22840 because the remote looked quite like a key fob for a car so wouldn't be obvious.

    Then we had great fun out and about in restaurants and at the theatre!

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    A night not touching each other? It can be quite sensual - you can do strip teases, or get a remote controlled vibrator as kalekalliope suggested.

    First one to touch the other is the loser. Or winner. Eitherway it's fun.

    You could go one further and have one night for each sense.

    Sight - as suggested above

    Smell and touch - blindfolded with the massage candles and the feather whips.

    Depends what kind of thing you like :)

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    Love your idea! I think you can buy little 'something new every day' books/calendars if you're stuck for ideas, I can't think of any off the top of my head but the ideas suggested so far are awesome! x

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    Over the years it's on holiday that we try to have a load of 'lively fun', rather than just having sex.
    We've come up with all sorts of adventures, but what to recommend depends a lot on the nature of the holiday.

    Is it a hotel, or will you have your own private areas?
    What are you in too?
    What sort of thing would you like?

    And :
    You mustn't upset the locals, or your fellow tourists and countries have etiquette as well as laws. The trick is to invoke the fear of being seen, but taking care that it's not going to happen.

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    Take a blindfold, (or improvise if you don't have one) and "guess what this is" game. If your wrong you get a spank! If your right an orgasm.

    Something like that?

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    wow you need to get out more -_-

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