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    we have met couple that would love to try using sex toys but don't because they feel that due to things such as one breast or testicle the toys and clothes wouldn't be right for them .

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    A woman with one breast would still have a clitoris and a g-spot, just like a man with one testicle would still have a penis that could be entertained with a stroker/realistic toy! If a woman had one breast and wanted lingerie, a flowy babydoll or sexy lace robe could work for them :)

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    Yes, there's a multitude of toys that they can still enjoy! Lingerie is a little more limited but there's always an option, as NatandTom says, a lacy robe would do the trick!


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    Toys will certainly be ok. As for clothes, as far as men's go, one testicle is surely not an impediment, and as far as women's, there are options too. I wouldn't let this stop us using them.

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    That's a shame for them. As people have said, there are options for her in terms of lingerie (the robe was a particularly good recommendation).

    However, it might just not be their thing. I know a lot of my friends are totally shocked that I like to wear lingerie because they have body confidence issues and find that lingerie highlights what they hate. For me, it's empowering and I feel sexy but I can totally understand how other people might feel the opposite. If, like you suggest, they really want to try but are unsure about the mechanics of it, I might recommend they get on the LH forums and do some asking around. It sounds like they just need some confidence boosting and reassurance from a community like this.x

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    that is very its could be alot to do with self esteem and confidence as well and maybe just trying thing and seeing what's good for them

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