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  1. Large condoms


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    Genuine question, can anyone recommend any? I know there are a few different brands on here with reviews and I have looked but the reviews all vary so much all and I'm hoping to not need them for long so can really use the elimination method 😕

    Without giving 2 much info have tried 2 "normal" size/brands over the past few days and both left OH feeling way too constricted and one (which dimensionally was meant to be bigger) left an angry red mark on him.

    We did use condoms back in the early days of our relationship and I remember having a bit of trouble but eventually found some that worked ok. Cannot for the life of me remember what they were and neither can he!

    It's mainly girth we're having issues with I think, t he second ones we tried didn't come down far enough either but I think it's just because they were too tight....

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    Heard nothing but good things about the Trojan Magnum XL condoms. Maybe they're worth a try?

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    I would highly recommend the Skyn Mates Large - they're often on sale in Boots and are perfect. Girth is the main thing I'm looking for, and I find these incredibly comfortable as well as feeling great. They don't actually look any bigger, but they stretch quite nicely and have been our go-to for a number of months now.

    Trojan Magnums are worth a look if you can't get Skyns - we used to use them, but they're a little tighter and smell a bit funkier than the Skyns.


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    Thank you!! 😊

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    Second the Mates Skyn large.

    For something completely different you could try these: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=3456 They'll take a bit of getting used to and they kind of loosen and leak a bit as soon as he's finished, but they're a sort of shrink-to-fit condom rather than a roll on that can restrict.

    I get them free from the GUM clinic because of latex and semen allergies. I never thought OH would get into them, but after a few false starts, they're now his favourite (he still hates using condoms at all, though).

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    I use Mates King Size and haven't had any issues. Some places even let you purchase a box of 144 if you are requiring such quantities :)


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    Thanks all. Ended up buying 2 types from a chemist yesterday as couldn't wait 😶 but taking note of all these suggestions!!

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