1. Dom or sub or both?

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    I am a natural submissive. Plus I'm greedy..... So what ever my spouse wants to do to me with in our rules, have at. I love to be the receiver and he relishes in giving. So it's a win win. You need to be paired in a relationship to each other's needs.

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    When we started I was the dom all the time, but after a few months we tried switching roles and I really enjoyed being dominated by my partner.

    Whenever one of us has a particular plan or really wants to do it then they are in charge, we have no problems switching.

    Most of the time my partner is the dom now though, despite the way we started!


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    All ways been a switch I can naturally do the big masculine Dom but love seeing and feeling the thrill of a woman being given the opportunity to take control. Have her way with you.

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    I think I'm probably 80/20 Top/bottom

    I definitely like the feel more in control and be the giver in the bedroom. However there are certain things I'm curious about and am capable of bottoming.

    This is just in the bedroom, though. The wife definitely wears the trousers in day-to-day life, lol! That's why I'd lean towards using Top rather than Dom (and certainly not Master).

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    I definitely float between both very often... Before I was with my male partner, I had been with quite a lot of females and was always the dom in those relationships. Since being with my boyfriend, I switch between dom and sub quite often but am mostly dom.

    In a way I think it's more of a personality thing! I'm definitely an extrovert in social situations so it makes sense that I would be the more confident dominant character in the bedroom.

    I think it's so interesting reading about other people's thoughts and preferences!

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    I am naturally submissive and my partner is naturally very Dominant. This works for us in and out of the bedroom. However since living together, we realise that we both have strengths and weaknesses so we both share the day to day running of our home. I look after the aspects of running the home that I am good at and he looks after the parts where his strengths lie.

    I run any decision making by him and ultimately he has the final word. It works well for us and our home. x

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    I'm naturally more dominant and Mrs tj is naturally more submissive but we have only very recently begun to consciously play that way. It has been a lot of fun to explore so far and thanks to strong communication "in the moment" we have both learned a lot about what the other likes.

    While I would be open to trying switching sometime, at the moment it feels like we are having far too much fun exploring our current roles to give that much thought yet.

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    I'm usually the submissive love it, but on occasion switch which i enjoy too. We're toying with the idea if a strapon which turns me on no end, which means I'm more in control but definitely love the thought of it. But do love when my oh takes charge, find it a big turn on to be told what to do or what he's planning on doing. Think sometimes it depends on the situation whatever comes naturally at the time but always good!!

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