1. Dom or sub or both?

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    I find that I am mainly more comfortable being submissive. My boyfriend and I are not really into Bondage but when it comes to sex and foreplay, he is definitely the more dominant one. However, he does enjoy a bit of anal play on himself so when it comes down to that I am more dominant and he takes it. We have even explored pegging a bit and it felt so strange to be the dominant one for a change. I think I still prefer being submissive for the most part though.

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    Both it depends what mood im in

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    mysteron wrote:

    I have just found out on Saturday , whilst out for some drinks that my Mrs is just as nervous as me about switching roles for this roleplay.Both of us at the moment appear to be outside our comfort zone perhaps her more than me . So just wondering if it would be better played out first, in our normal roles ie me being the dom her being the sub ? I don't think I could use the ruler on her though as her pain tolerance isn't as high as mine. I will still be posting it as written though when I get time .

    It's really interesing that you have chosen to back away from the switch for now. Could the nerves have added something to it? Anyway it's really great that you are both so open and can come to a happy conclusion. Can't wait to read it


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    Thanks its a difficult one really . She was putting up an act of swishing the ruler around only last week but it all came out on saturday night. Its outside her comfort zone and personally I don't want her thinking that I am pressurising her into doing something just to please me . We have an unwritten rule if we don't both enjoy it then we won't do it .

    So for now I am going to be the Deputy hesadmaster disciplining Louise Dowd . When you read it you will see that there is a possible spin off involving Louise Dowd making it flexible enough so roles can be switched with a bit of improvisation .

    The original characters, we can return to at a later date. Maybe once I have played it out on my Mrs first ,it may give her that confidence to try it. Never say Never in roleplaying !

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    I've always thought I was purely submissive but the last days I have been fantasizing a lot about taking a more dominant role. Maybe I'm more of a switch. I really want to try it out soon and tomorrow I will pick up my delivery with some wet look lingerie so it might be the perfect outfit for it 😄

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    I think im a natural sub... In the bedroom that is... Im a propper little madam where everyday life is concerned god... Even tho theres no need most of the time i propper boss every1 abt lol... But as for sex, i love being told what to do.. Having my hair pulled, and hands or especially nice muscly arms wrapped around my throat from behind. It makes me feel propper hot and safe at the safe at the same time. I dnt understand it but it works :)


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    I wasn't submissive at all until a few years ago, when one day my wife suggested I should try it, so nothing venture nothing gained. She must have thought about it before as she all the gear ready to be used. She had a leather neck collar and nipple clips attached by thin chains which in turn was connected to a cock ring. Once she had all this fitted to my body she dressed me in hold-up stockings and a pair of her very tight french knickers where she had cut a large section out of the rear exposing a suitable area for spanking and using Shades of Grey ruler (her words not mine) and giving access for dildos and plugs, this was my basic uniform fom now on. Since that introduction I have never wanted to be anything else but submissive to her and all of her like minded friends whatever it might involve.

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    I'm a switch. Always have been, before I was even in an intimate relationship I figured that I would fit into both roles. I was very much right and now that I'm with my partner my thoughts/feelings are very much the same. It just works well that my boyfriend doesn't mind being submissive sometimes. Mostly he doms though but that's just through our preference :)

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    Both! I'm a switch through and through and I consider myself lucky to find a partner who's like me. I think I lean more towards the submissive side though, as it comes just a bit more naturally to me.

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    We're Both Switch, and enjoy being the Dom, but I do really enjoy being the Sub, I think it's because I like it a bit harder than the wife, especially the anal side of of the pegging and fisting. We are both now getting into the ElectroStim play now which has put a complete new twist on to our play, it's great being the Dom here, when you've got the controller in hand, to see how high you can push your Subs limits, with strength and pattern of shocks.

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    Definitely sub. My OH knows she can do anything as my pain threshold is quite high. Never have used safe word but was pretty close to it a few weeks ago. She's not into giving me anal but is bloody good with the hitty things on my bum. Got the marks to prove it for day's after. Don't think I could inflict any pain on her apart from the odd slap on her bum.

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    Both. Me and my boyfriend equally like being the sub/Dom and we mix it up often

    Pierced_n_Spanked [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm definitely a sub. Never switch, I just couldn't do it!

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    I love to be dominated! Unfortunately it's not something that happens a lot in my relationship

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    I am sub and he is Dom. We don't necessarily fit into the normal stereotype though. Tried switching but it was never that great when I was Domme, first reason I felt like a fish out of water, second reason I was too nasty and thirdly we would go back to him dominating in the middle of every scenario. I always knew I was submissive but thought he was because (here is the atypical part) he enjoys wearing stockings and likes to wear a butt plug (the butt plug was my idea as I know how good it feels). He has a fascination with rope and knots and loves to tie me up in inventive ways then get the flogger, riding crop etc out. We are definitely into the more advanced stuff now.

    LOVE [sign in to see picture]
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    we both play sub and dom to eachother,but when we do 3somes we are both domanate

    hustle [sign in to see picture]
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    I am more dom but time and place for it. My partners have usually liked to be dominated!

    Peter Parker [sign in to see picture]
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    My wife is submissive in bed, which really awoke the raging Dom in me. Doesn't reflect our day to day relationship which is a real partnership with her taking a more traditional male role. She's a beautiful strong feminist woman, who just happens to enjoy relinquishing control in the bedroom. I think her sexual preference has helped define mine in the best way. I don't think I'd have really defined myself as either before we met. Just really horny all the time 😀

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    Mostly I am dominant

    But sometimes I will ask my wife to be dominant when I am in the mood (which lately is how I prefer it)

    We were discussing people who are Anti-Kink earlier and she told me that even though she does not like the idea of hurting me hard, she likes the idea of making me feel good and will do what I ask

    Peter Parker [sign in to see picture]
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    I suppose that's why it's always important to keep talking about what you enjoy and keep communicating. My wife enjoys rough sex, and for a while I found myself holding back or stopping/slowing when I heard certain utterances or noises only to be asked why I'm stopping.

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