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    I'd like to say a big thank you to this forum as today i finally managed to do anal with no pain

    My partner really wanted to do anal but everything we tried it hurt and stung There was so many anal lubes to chose from I was boggled so came here for advice.

    I was recommended lots and eventually went for the sliquid anal. it's more expensive than what i wanted to spend but it was well worth it! No pain which meant I was able to relax more.

    I can't find my original help post but thank you..


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    I'm really pleased that you got some good advice on here and can now enjoy anal as you've wanted too. I love it and finding the right 'tools for the job' is a definite plus.....so many people concentrate on the thing to be inserted and forget about a good, effective lube......good for you xx

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    Brilliant! I'm so glad you found some great advice on here. I too have just recently managed to have painless anal sex and can't get enough! I spent so many years being afraid to try it at all but with a supportive partner who took it slowly with me and some handy products from Lovehoney I'm now really enjoying experimenting!

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    That's good to hear, glad you enjoyed it :)

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