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  1. Copper IUD!!

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    jackador123 wrote:

    The benefit of this is its thee longer lasting of the contraceptions out there about 5 years.

    Actually 5 years is the low end. You can get longer lasting ones. I chose to have the 10 year one fitted. It's so great knowing I'm covered for an entire decade!

    Young and fun95 wrote:

    I'm having the same problem with hormonal, it made me really paranoid and i felt horrid. I'm trying the ring hoping that if it is more local it wont afect me so much. straight onto the diaphram if not though.

    it sounds like you're pretty happy with your descision and have done a lot of research so just be fussy and if it isnt right for you change it

    Yeah, I have heard plenty of women say the more localised delivery works better for them. It does still get into your system, of course, but in a much lower dose. I did consider the hormonal IUD for that very reason, but because I had become so fed up with and mistrustful of hormones by that point, I decided to just ditch them cold turkey and go pseudo-natural with the copper one.

    If the ring works for you, you could always take the extra step one day if you feel like it and get a hormonal IUD. I do think the diaphragm is a largely forgotten/underappreciated form of non-hormonal contraception for people in a steady and trusting relationship, though. So I have to raise my glass to that one.

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