• Finding a person who is interested in the same thing as me

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    I'm a 21 year old male who is trying to find a person who is interested in the same things as me (sexually). I've never told anyone about my fetish's as it's embarrssing (I will list them if this thread becomes a discussion). When I had a girlfriend she was only interested in normal sex soi couldn't get my kicks I wanted.

    This is not an advertisement for seeking a partner but rather a post to share how I feel.

    Has anyone else been through this and how did you overcome it?

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    There are a few cross dressers on here alas I am not one of them.

    I must stress though that this is not a dating or meeting forum. It is forbidden under the forum rules.

    However welcome to the forums.

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    Thankyou for letting me know. That's why I stated that I wasn't looking for anyone although the title may be misleading.

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    To be honest, I actually had the opposite story from you. I never knew about my kinks until I got onto Lovehoney forums and started reading other people's experiences and deciding to try new things. Also, I have a partner who is supportive and experimental with me, which absolutely helps. You really shouldn't feel embarrased about your kinks, and especially not here. It's a good bunch of nonjudgemental folks here.


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    You're not alone. The worst thing you can do is bury your kink, keep slowly introducing it to your partners, the right person is out there. No, it's not easy.

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    Thank you guys! I will forever try and find that person. Made my day :)

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    Hi CrossDress101, from my profile pic you can see that I too cross dress. I have total support from my wife, in fact she really indulges me in all sorts of ways. You have not really said much about what you are looking for but I suggest you get an account on Fetlife where you can see profiles of all sorts of people and there is also a feature that you can message members privately.

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    it's very diffuclt to find a real relationship based on your sexual wants. because to start a proper relationship you need to focus on their personality and how you get along, rathr than sex.

    but to find someone to just have sex with get on a site like fabswingers, where you "advertise" yourself nad what you want and look ofr others that compliment that, oyu never know, a relationship could bloom from tht.

    I know that even as sexually "obsessed" as i am if a man started discussing sexual fetishes on a fist or even early date, i wouldn't pursue it.

    if oyure intersted in crossdressers there are probably loads of meet-up sites on hte internet

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Whilst meeting and private chat is not allowed you are very welcome to discuss more or less anything. We're a very diverse and open minded bunch and we'll give advice and offer support to anyone who needs it xx

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    As someone has already mentioned Fetlife might be a really good site for you to check out. Especially if you find out where your local munches (social gatherings usually in a vanilla setting like a local pub, where kinkster and fetishists meet to make new friends and chat with old ones) are and head down to them.

    I know someone said meeting someone based on sexual desires doesn't work as you need to know the person and that is the beauty of meeting local people who have the same/similar interests as you. While you do get to know people, and you make many friends, the chances of actually hitting it off sexually to is increased.

    I think when you have deep rooted fetishes that you need to explore then finding a partner that can do that with you is really important.

    Good luck :)


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    Hi and welcome. Yes Ftlife! I was on there a few months, that would be a good spot for you there, you just have to be aware there are some odd balls there. Weed them out and there's some really delightful people on there with all sorts of kink!

    As mentioned private messaging too, so that allows you to get to know your new friends in peace.

    I hope you find that one person! x

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    Another good site is TV Chix. I made a few friends on there and I've met a few on a couple of swinging sites (met socially and became friends and lucky to have a sub TV). I'm a huge admirer. The sites if you're interested are Fabswingers or social swinging.

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