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  1. Rude with food!

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    I really fancy getting rude with food!

    I used a cucumber anally and a fab lolly on my clit while we were sexting but that was the day before our first date. He's a bit of a clean freak so it'll be at my house no doubt but he's up for most things!

    What have you tried? Anything to avoid? Any tips or scenario ideas are welcome!

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    Made an Eton mess on my wifes body. as part of a role play whilst fully restrained to the bed and blind folded . Used stawberries and squeezy cream . Good fun licking it off. Can't do it now because I am watching my weight!

    I would reommend using a large towel under neath your partner as food and bedding don't mix .As the food will be cold and your partner most likely naked, then I would recommend on doing something like this when it gets warmer. Something for those hot summer nights and combined with ice play as well.

    Quiet ones are worse! [sign in to see picture]
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    Sherbert fountain on your pussy or popping candy/chocolate, squirty cream, any number of fruit and veg to use on you, bananna, cut the top off, press against the required hole and squeeze out the middle, inside the other person? see how many they/you can take?

    Gem276 [sign in to see picture]
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    Yummy! Sounds like lots of brilliant fun! I can't wait! The downside is that he's really fussy with food and fruit (it's my only complaint about him so I do very well) the sweets, chocolate and cream will appeal to him though! Thanks for the tips! X

    KitsiKiki [sign in to see picture]
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    Just had to step in to say; it is NOT recommended that you actually insert unprotected foodstuffs into any orifice other than the mouth (skinned bananas as suggested above being one of the top no-nos, along with anything else soft/mushy/sloppy and sugary), as this is a good way to get an infection. With skinned fruits, again- the banana out of its skin is a prime example, you also run the high risk of it breaking/disintegrating, which makes for a much messier time, a much more complicated clean-up, and- I must reiterate as it is the most important thing to keep in mind- much more likely to leave remnants behind and cause infection; particularly in the vagina.

    You can also trigger allergies this way; even if you were unaware you had any. Not necessarily food allergies, either. You can trigger hayfever with fresh produce. So keep that in mind particularly in regards to your potential partner! Make sure to discuss all allergy history, food or otherwise. (And also remember that with many food allergies, foods other than the one specified can set them off. For example, people who are allergic to strawberries are commonly allergic to kiwi fruit, too.)

    If you really get off on the idea of having them inside you or your partner, I would advise you to only use messy foods on the outside of the body, reserving insertion for firmer items which are less likely to break. You should leave the rinds intact and wash them thoroughly and I would strongly recommend you also go the extra mile and put a condom on it or wear a femidom if inserting in the vagina.

    Have fun, but be safe. There are plenty of ways to enjoy food in the bedroom without putting anyone at risk (and without wasting food), as per Mysteron's example. And the first part of Quiet One's, but not the squeezed bananas.

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    Pot Noodle! Especially the Bombay Bad Boy! It's so naughty! I love it anally! It's a real ring of fire!

    Gem276 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for the heads up, I did try a banana anally with my ex husband, ended up on the loo getting it out alone, not very sexy!

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