1. Squirting?

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    Kazamarie wrote:

    Bunniebasher wrote:

    I have managed to bring my wife to squirting in the past with normal vibrators but took a while to get there, I did my first LH purchase couple of weeks ago which was the mains powered wand, can't believe how quick she squirted while I used it on her, 5-10 minutes at most and oh the pvc sheet got a good soaking, then I did another order on Saturday which included the g-spot attachment, and wow, took a little bit longer but let's just say I got covered that time as well :).

    Me thinks maybe I ought to give this mains powered wand a go then 😉. I'll try anything to do it x

    I really want to get Mrs August to squirt, if it really is possible for every woman. Are mains wands really that much better than battery ones?

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    From a males point of view.. Yes Squirting orgasms are so much more intense than normal female orgasms, just for want of a better phrase seem to be more indepth and really take a hold of her (the mrs)

    Quite surprised by most replies linking to vibrators to achieve it, Im not showing off here (thats really not me lol) but i would say a good 75% of her squirting times has been through hard sex and finger play with Oral, infact two weeks ago i combined all three swapping between each and although i was absolutley knackered by the end and almost lost use of my arm the effect on the mrs was more indepth to the extent she squirted twice drenching two towels and orgasmed atleast three times as i felt and was almost passed out in pleasure on the bed for the following hour and half, she was quivering for atleast ten minutes also

    As an aside i think men are overlooked slightly on this, well alot in fact, i cant remmeber the amount of times ive made the mrs fully orgasm and i know in 6 years ive deffinatley made her squirt into the double figures yet as discussed after the other week, she still feels guilty that in this time shes only made me have what i percieve to be a full male orgasm twice, basically to the point of becoming like i describe her above, i seem to be whether willing or not severely hard work and once ive cum it kind of kills it and stops play completly, i am one of these men that unfortunately cant 'go again' straight after etc and she struggles to take things consistenly slow as she loves to see and feel me cum

    Mamz i really think your taking it all the wrong way, just because he has cum inside you doesnt mean he has had his fun and your left short, i know alot of guys would like a quick shag and then move to the tv etc but some guys (like me and possibly your partner for all you know) are the type where a full drawn out session IS the be all and end all but like above i think its harder for men to achieve the orgasm themselves and can i just say if im attempting to make the mrs properly orgasm or just get her squeeling and then i cum that ruins MY night and focussing on it too much ive learnt can screw hardness/ ability

    maybe im just sex ability focussed too much lol, the mrs has said before that i spend so much time trying to make her happy that i missout myself but i honestly dont mind as shes give me such a varried sex life in our time together that i know i would never get better elsewhere letalone the rest of the package, the main thing in a couple sex life has got to be a full varied sex life even if you only do a thing once.

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