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  1. Advice from the woman out there, shave or wax?

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    Ozz wrote:

    rachels270692 wrote:

    OZZ- what is lazer and dose it hurt? also how much is it?

    rainbowbaby - what is the foil attachment a few people have said about it?

    myghost - ya i heard about that, tried it once but did not seem to work but maybe i was doing it wrong :P

    I do it at home with my Silk'n Flash & GO Hair removal laser treatment gun..never looked back since getting it..this is what I use and at home which is brill!

    Just bought one of these off a 'popular auction site' for £30, an unwanted gift apparently....product testing and review will follow!

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    I always shave as I don't like waiting for it to grow long enough to wax. I've never had a problem I just make sure I use some shaving foam and water, I'd never do it dry as this would be too uncomfortable.

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    I've only ever shaved as I just feel waxing would be a bit of a faff. I've never experienced ingrown hairs but this is my routine - I always exfoliate beforehand, use shaving gel & make sure to moisturise the areas I've shaved.

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    OK - I am going to make myself sound really silly now, but I have just taken delivery of the s.HAIR Intimate Shaving Oil and I need to know do we just use the oil, or do we have a bit of oil followed by the usual shaving foam/gel?

    I am already shaved but was hoping the oil would help with razor rash/ingrown hairs.

    Sorry if this appears a silly question but I honestly don't know

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    I laser. I'm getting to the stage I might be able to almost stop too which is nice. No more prickly re growth or stubble down there or under my arms/ it

    Hi I'm looking into laser myself, how many sessions have you had? How long did it take to notice a drop in the amount of hair?

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