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  1. Advice from the woman out there, shave or wax?

    rachels270692 [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello I am thinking of shaving or waxing my downstiars (vigena)

    i have shaved before down there but with out anything just a dry raver, and been told that, that is not the best way of doing it.

    so I wanted to ask some advice from the lovly woman on this site, so do you wax or shave and do you have any tips on which is best or the best way to go about not getting ingrown hairs, the bane of my last shaving act hehe :P


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    I use the Wilkinson Quattro for women. Always shaved, it is part of my every morning routine, never tried wax. Have tried using my epilator in that area, but couldn't stand the pain (yet I have no problems using it on my legs). Almost never had problems with ingrown hair. I shave on wet skin, but don't use creams and foams and such. As opposed to what most people will recommend in regards to using a new blade often, I usually cut myself a lot when I need to use new blades, so that is a torture for a few days, but I get weeks of good use out of mine afterwards so it's a necessary evil to go thru... However, in the Bikini version the trimmer really sucks, I don't ever use it, I use my epilator (mine has specific accessories for this too) to trim and shape the rest of the hair.

    Lovebirds_x [sign in to see picture]
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    Personal preference, really. Each have their own pros and cons. I opt for shaving because I don't want to have to let it all grow out long enough to wax it when I can simply shave every other day and be smooth all the time. Many women find it tricky to wax themselves, too, so it boils down to a choice between get it waxed professionally or shave at home.

    With regards to ingrowns, it's more about taking care of your skin than which method you use. Exfoliating regularly and using this oil keep them away for me:

    You're better shaving with the grain than against too, if you shave down (with the grain) then left to right across you'll likely find you are smooth enough that shaving with the grain is not worth it for the skin irritation it can cause.

    Dry razor is literally the worst way to shave in terms of skin irritation, so don't expect to have that result again from shaving. If you do go for the shaving route, go for a shaving gel/foam designed to be used on genitals like the one in this set, which also includes the oil:

    Or try using a silicone lubricant. Though beware, lube will make your bath super slipey and you'll need to clean it off after!

    Also, invest in a good razor (even if it's good disposables). I go for Wilkonson Quattro disposables and they're great. You don't want a Bic single blade shredder near your lady bits.

    Terri JJ [sign in to see picture]
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    I shave twice a week using a sensitive shaving gel ( I use hubbies nivea sensitive shaving gel for men) and a venus ladies razor. I've never had problems of any description and I've been doing this for years.

    Couple looking to spice things up [sign in to see picture]
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    I shave, thinking about waxing makes my eyes water. I also use Wilkonson Quattro disposables. X

    Kazamarie [sign in to see picture]
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    I actually use a lady shave find I get no rash then. I have tried loads of different razors in the past but rash every time so lady shave for me. Although doesn't look very ladylike when doing it in front of the mirror lol x

    KitsiKiki [sign in to see picture]
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    Whatever you find works for you is the best the way; it may take some trial and error.

    I have had other parts of my body waxed (or a cold sticky gunk and strip method, like Nad's), but never tried it on my nethers, so I can't comment on it. Some people get worse ingrown hairs or rashes from tearing-out methods than they do shaving, so you can't really go on anyone's experience but your own.

    I want to try an epilator or a heat/light based device, but don't have the spare cash to gamble at the moment.

    I have used a 'gentle' depilatory cream marketed specifically for the bikini line, which actually did work fine for the most part. But it was more of an ordeal than it was worth, was potentially hazardous (I did get a burn once), and I still had to shave my actual labia since the cream was only safe to use on the bikini line.

    Right now I shave about once a week, with the grain on the bikini line (down, then to the side as Lovebirds described) and against the grain on the labia themselves since they surprisingly never get a rash or ingrown hairs so I can get them completely smooth. The outer areas I just have to put up with being 'smooth and tidy enough', to avoid rashing up.

    Some people suggest that just dry shaving ('dry' as in just with water- don't ask me why they call that dry) is actually better than using a cream/foam/gel, as your skin will adapt to it over time. For awhile now, I have just been using a little bit of body wash (or women's 'intimate' wash when I have it) and I rarely get rashes or ingrown hairs; less than when I used to use foam/gel. So if that usually works for you, then keep at it. If not, try the gel/foam.

    And as for exfoliating and moisturising to prevent ingrown hairs: exfoliation never helped for me, just seemed to make things worse, at least in terms of irritation and ugly red lumps. Moisturising after having freshly shaved does work for me, though (but not continuing to do so every day if using a lotion. I don't know, it seems to clog up my follicles or something). I prefer to use a home blend of olive/hemp seed oil and tea tree oil. (Which is similar to the Miracle Oil linked above.)

    In the past, I have used graders on my bikini line and razor on my labia. The graders weren't the best at getting it as neat or smooth as I like, and were wont to nip me smetimes. I have also used a tiny lady 'groomer' and that worked brilliantly. It broke quite some time ago... I want a new one.

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    My Mrs uses 2 types . My razor Gillet Turbo 3 ( with a new blade) for the accessable parts. And an electric tiny head razor from Boots for the difficult to get to parts.

    I still need to buy her own razor yet probably a Venus type !

    Onlyones [sign in to see picture]
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    If you are shaving with a razor and want to extend the life of your rather pricey blades try a 'RazorSHARPpad Universal Razor Blade Cartridge Sharpener' available on a well known auction site.I must admit i was a little dubious about how well it would work especially when it arrived and i saw what it actually was but it does honestly work.They only cost £3 and they could save you a fair bit on new blades.

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    I shave down there with an intimate razor, shaving cream or gel and follow it up with a drop of miracle oil. It has taken a while to find the right combination for me, but I think this might be the one. I have waxed my legs and armpits on occasion, but I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to wax my bikini line!

    Lou72 [sign in to see picture]
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    I like the convenience of shaving but cant stand the razor burn or regrowth itch, no matter how many ways I've tried. Love waxing but always choose hot wax its more expensive but so worth it, its gentler less drying and not messy, I have a Brazilian and its really not painful, try both then decide

    Elelou44 [sign in to see picture]
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    I shave using a lady razor, I only use it for down there, I epilate my legs. I did try a bikini wax once and trust me I won't be doing it again lol, epilator is as painful too so I stick to my wet shave in the shower every couple of days. I wish I could wax I think it would be a better result for me, but it's only my oh that sees it and he's okay so c'est la vie.

    WillC [sign in to see picture]
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    Would a `man`s` razor not be cheaper? If it can cope with our facial/genital contours i`m sure it could cope with a ladies contours down below! Also,i recommend King Of Shaves sensitive gel,it`s non foaming,meaning you can see what you`re doing!

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    Yes, a man's would be cheaper - and absolutely no difference. If you already own a handle, just start buying the male blades to fit. Be careful, though, as the manufacturers have started selling different fittings for different blade types so they're no longer universal

    I use Wilkinson Sword. I find them much better than Gillette and some types of their blades have fine wires around them that help stop nicks.

    I trim first to help prevent the blades clogging. Rinse the blades REALLY well after use and they'll last a lot longer.

    A swipe with a clear deodorant gel stops a rash from forming (I keep a man's Gillette gel specifically for this). I have no idea how/why it works, but it does.

    I used to epliate and found it quite painful at first, but I used to take a few painkillers first so it became a lot easier after a few goes.

    rachels270692 [sign in to see picture]
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    Era - cool the last time i shaved i used a cheap raver, i now have a guys raver for it works best on me legs. a bit worried about using a man raver down there :P

    lovebirds_x - thanks i added them to my wish list, i dont have the money to get them right now. So when i do i will be sure to look into getting them or something like them
    as for the raver i have right now is a mans one it is gilleta right guard (sorry can not spell it) i think anyway i know it is a mans one for i find they make my legs feel smoother for they are sharper just not sure about using it down there may be a bit to sharp.
    and thanks for the tip about going with the grain :)

    terri_JJ - cool lucky you, i only seem to get it around the bikie zone, and only one or to but ingrown hair are a pain to get out once they happen.

    Couple looking to spice things up - ya it makes me worried as well :P hell i just got some wax strips for my legs to try it out there and i am to worried to even do that hehe :P

    Kazamarie - last time i did it, i looked down and was like man i dont look good down there so good know what i looked like when doing it hehe :P i most likly looked worse :P

    Kirsikiki - wow thanks for the advice :), i dont even use water when i last shaved and if putting moisteriser on down there after i shave hurt half as much as it did when i put it on my legs then i am sooo not doing it. Man i it kills when i put that stuff on my legs after shaving but then again that could be ebacuse i do it dry again nothing but raver on skin :P

    Musteron l- lol sounds like me with my dads, :P i am always using his raver on my legs and arms. now being away at uni i have just given in and got the same raver as my dad so much easier :P

    Onlyones - thanks i will have to look into that :)

    NatandTom - ya i know the feeling never waxed anything but it sure looks like it hurts :P

    Lou72 - i want to try waxing, but for the first time i would not want to do it my self but i dont have the money to try it sadly right now.

    Eleolu44 - lol ya as long as he is ok with it :)

    WillC - i was thinking that, i find my dad raver works so much better for me on my legs. so I got my own, for some reason when i use ones meant for woman when it is firts out the box i always cut my self, but i never do with a mans one and hell they last longer to :P

    VR - thanks for the tips i am using a gilletter right now, as it is what my dad used and i used to steal his all the time hehe :P so i have one my self but i may look into the wilkinson sword ones and see if they are any better :)

    rainbowbaby [sign in to see picture]
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    In the past I've tried a bikini trimmer, hair removal cream and waxing. If doing it yourself, then I would recommend a trimmer with foil shaver if you really want to avoid nicking the skin. I tried waxing myself with ready made strips (killed!!) and hot wax (less painful but messy, took me ages and I would hesitate at each 'pull'. Could never get really down there (and I'm man hairy).

    About 6 years ago I started going to a salon to get it waxed. By far the easiest and long lasting method. My beautician does it really fast and does a good job. The first couple of strips hurts but then after that you get used to it. I go every month to have it all off (yes, including the hairs near the bum (doesn't hurt there at all). Now the hairs grow back finely and in patches there is no hair growth. If you can afford it, get someone else to do it for you. Only annoying part is the regrowth before the next wax. There's something arousing about being hair free and super smooth down there.

    rachels270692 [sign in to see picture]
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    rainbowbaby, - my only fear is my hair grows stuipedly fast, even down there so i often wounder if the hair would grow back fast and it not be worth the pain and the cost of going to get it removed. Plus i have no idea hwere to go to get it done. as a student my money is not that great :P


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    I laser. I'm getting to the stage I might be able to almost stop too which is nice. No more prickly re growth or stubble down there or under my arms/ it

    rainbowbaby [sign in to see picture]
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    it seems like lots of ladies on here razor shave and it seems to work well so go for that as a cheaper option. Lots of trimmers out there you could use wet n dry. I agree rachels2, professional waxing is expensive on a student budget. Something like £15 each month. In my student days I bought a trimmer with foil attachment from Argos and lasted well. Don't think it actually broke, just got hooked onto waxing. Think it had an epilator attachment too but that was nearly 10 years ago (oh I feel so old saying that). I found hair removal cream can easily get into your inner genital region which isn't nice so I would avoid.

    myghost [sign in to see picture]
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    Onlyones wrote:

    If you are shaving with a razor and want to extend the life of your rather pricey blades try a 'RazorSHARPpad Universal Razor Blade Cartridge Sharpener' available on a well known auction site.I must admit i was a little dubious about how well it would work especially when it arrived and i saw what it actually was but it does honestly work.They only cost £3 and they could save you a fair bit on new blades.

    If you don't want to splash out any cash you can sharpen a razor blade by swiping it over some denim a few times preferrably something you don't wear anymore

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