1. With or without condoms

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    Same here Friday13, miss the skin to skin contact. We used delay condoms for obvious reasons which were ok but we've sorted things out by other means so there's no use for condoms now. I stopped using the pill partly because I wanted my fertility to go back to the way it was and I was convinced that over-use of the same type of pill caused me delayed periods/PCOS. It's good to see everyone's experiences with different types of contraception. I think there's a big misconception about IUD/IUS thanks to sex education at school. I spoke to my friend and she was under the impression that you HAVE to leave a coil in for 5 or 10 years. I used to think that too, it's strange the way it was sold to us, or we just wernt listening properly! It's only recently I've found out that you don't have to give birth to have the coil fitted in. Another friend had the Mirena (hormonal) coil fitted in but her body rejected it. She was adamant that there wasn't a non-hormone coil even though I explained the copper one doesn't contain hormones.

    If anyone is thinking about getting the coil, I would go to GUM clinic or equivalent. You're put at ease and I believe they have more experience fitting the things in so hopefully less chance of bodge ups. Of course I'll keep you updated when I get mine fitted (most likely middle of March).

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    We weren't educated at all about IUDs at school, bearing in mind I'm 22 so it wasn't even that long ago! They only ever talked about condoms, the implant, and the pill.

    I only had my mirena fitted as the doctor recommended it to treat endometriosis, otherwise I never would have done it as the thought of it terrified me. They used local anaesthetic for my fitting but I still found it incredibly painful, and I did pass out afterwards. I took co-codamol and ibuprofen beforehand but it didn't seem to make a difference for me. My pain tolerance is very high in other areas but I have always been very sensitive down there, can't stand speculums or any form of internal examination, so that may have had something to do with it. Also, as I mentioned earlier my coil never settled and I could always feel it inside me, but they did say that my uterus was on the small side when they measured it during the fitting. If you've had children this shouldn't be a problem for you. :)

    My best advice would be to definitely take someone with you, and don't drive yourself. You might be absolutely fine, especially as you've had children now, but just in case you do feel a bit woozy afterwards. Apparently the anaesthetic injection is a lot more effective than the gel, so perhaps ask about that too if you're worried about pain. I don't mean to scare you at all, in fact I'm the only person out of my group of friends who had a bad experience with it, the rest were all fine, so hopefully things go well for you :)

    You can absolutely have the coil removed if you're not happy with it, you don't have to wait 5-10 years. Unfortunately some GPs are stubborn and refuse to do it but if that's the case I think the GUM clinics do it. The removal is a lot quicker and much less painful than the insertion.

    Good luck! Xxx

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    I agree with the don't drive yourself. I though I would be fine as my mother and sister were ok after they got theirs installed, but I ended up calling my mom to pick me up because I felt like I wouldn't be able to drive. Also, carry some ibuprofen with you too because even if you took some before, you might need some more afterwards

    And yes you can get it removed whenever you want. I have never dealt with a doctor you didn't want to do it. I've had problems getting used to the low hormone dose in mine and they all offered me to get rid of it whenever I wanted. Also, some people get it removed and get another instsalled and they react a very different way, so even if it does not go well there is still hope.

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