1. Do you (have to) try to keep it quiet?

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    lol........i mean i make noise.......but seriously she sounds like shes taking part in some really bad porn movie......just sounds so damn cheesy......each to their own i suppose..........

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    Haha, yeah i do know exactly what you mean! Walls of terrace houses are so thin, the women next door are loud in general anyway, you can hear all their arguments and conversations and....gulp...sex! Me and my lady are sometimes trying our hardest not to laugh at some of it! Lol! Maybe your neighbours ARE making a bad porn movie?!!

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    lol...........its all i can think off when i see them........im trying to have a normal conversation....but in my head all im hearing is....'oh you dirty bastard'......im coming......lol

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    I don't car who hears, I love the noise of my with cumming, it gets me hotter...

    Way to go to the women next door to you.

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    lol - hilarious thread!

    I'm tend to be quite noisy and we do worry about the kids hearing it although neither has burst in on us - yet!

    Unfortunately our 7 year old has got into reading in bed recently and has a habit of wandering downstairs for a cuddle when hes finished. Hes been getting later and later and closing our lounge door doesn't help as its glass! Might have to fix that.

    Also, I love spanking but we rarely indulge as I am utterly paranoid about the noise it makes (I like paddles - maximum noise!). We have a fairly large house but its not rambling and theres nowhere I'm convinced that either the kids or the neighbours won't hear us.

    Hey! I've just realised when my daughter starts school in September we will both be here with no kids 9-3 on a Friday (hubby working from home). Result! Even better, its unlikely anyone will be in on the side that can hear us. We'll be fine, as long as he remembers to put his conference calls on mute...

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