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  1. Had great sex today with the husband!!! Need some advice.....

    Ashley.72391 [sign in to see picture]
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    Helloooo everyone, soooooo today was a great day, had amazing anal sex with the husband. I realize now that using every hole in my body is so worth it as long as he takes his time and listens 😁...... Okay moving on because I am getting horny just thinking about today.... So my question for today is what kinds of toys do you use as a couple (what do you recommend) we are young married couple that have been together for about 10 years. I told him him it's time we start buying some goodies every month to spice it up. So throw things in here that drive you and your other crazy :) please do share ❤️❤️

    Fun Louise [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't do anal but as for toys we enjoy. My OH loves this

    I love this (viginally)

    But to be honest we don't have a "couples" toy. We also really enjoy sensory play with the use of blindfold, silk hand ties and a paddle. We are not into severe bondage but rather enjoy heightening our senses and gentle restraint.

    Its more about finding what you as an a individual and as a couple enjoy. I would recomend making a wishlist, so that you can discuss your future purchases. Have fun.


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    We luv vibrating cock rings as it stimulates both of us when we make love. In our experience they tend to work better if she is riding me Cowgirl style.

    Ddiggler [sign in to see picture]
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    Talk about what you both would like to try out ie bondage or cock rings or dress up then have a look on lovehoney and see what takes your fancy.the OH and me talk all the time about things we would like to try at the moment it's bondage she loves being tied up and teased there is something for every taste on here good luck and happy shopping.

    KitsiKiki [sign in to see picture]
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    +1 million and up to the sensation play! Definitely my favourite and what the SO and I engage in most often.

    While more extreme sensation play and hardcore bondage aren't for everyone, I think the lighter side of both is more universal. Still not for everyone, but it seems to carry a lot less stigma, and it's very easy and inexpensive to try. I would suggest a blindfold, some satin wrist/ankle ties (because even if you don't like the bondage, you can glide them over each other's bodies), a tickler, a wartenburg wheel, something for sensual massage, and if you're up to it a spanker or flogger (perhaps a rubber flogger and/or a paddle with a soft and hard side). You might also want to experiment with temperature play. Massage candles can be nice not just for massage, but if you are not interested in or ready for bondage (drip) candles. Glass toys are also good for for temperture play. Pumps and clamps can really enhance sensation play, too, though finding the right strength for you can take some trial and error.

    -Lovehoney's Lovers range offers most of those things at a very basic price (and come in black OR red, whereas with most brands you're stuck with black). More of the sensual stuff: blindfolds, ticklers, massagers, oils, and candles; but also inculdes some basic satin ties.

    -For a step up in luxury and the things not included in the Lovers range, Lovehoney's Tease range has you covered (and comes in black, red, AND purple!). (The Tease Me range also by LH and Bondage Boutique brand also have some great and affordable entry-level BDSM and sensation items.) More ties, ticklers, and blindfolds; and tape, cuffs, spankers, floggers, crops and clamps.

    -If you're interested in trying a wartenburg wheel (which I recommend highly), but you're not sure, you might want to give this one a go: It's very cheap and will give you an idea of what they're like.

    -For cold sensations you could get some of those reusable ice cubes from a home ware store, or maybe grab a bag or two of these massage rocks ( and only boil half, but stick the other half in the fridge.

    -You can also browse the glass toys available if you're willing to spend a little more. They are extremely popular and gaining more fans every day: AND

    -Arousal balms and lubes are also a good idea- and more versatile than you might think!

    There are some good deals going on and some very useful vouchers floating about right now, so if you've got the spare cash to make a bulk purchase and start building yourself a kit, this month through the next might be an opportune time.

    Like Fun Louise, my SO and I don't really have a 'couples toy' as such. I know a lot of couples really rate vibrating cock rings, as was mentioned already, and the We-Vibes.

    Even though you've been together 10 ten years, if you feel like maybe you don't know much about each other's 'bedroom mind', you could try some games. There are a few that are good for people who already really know each other that way, too.

    But aye, the best idea is to sit down at the computer together and browse and talk to see what takes your fancy, what takes theirs, and where those fancies overlap. Then get some from each column! Have fun!

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