1. Nervous....

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    Mistress wife made a phone call today...we're off to a local swingers club tomorrow night for their monthly tgirl night....She's left it to me as to whether I go as a girl or a boy, but I know which she'd prefer.......God, I'm so nervous...

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    nice! dont be nervous... (easier said than done) ... chances are a lot of people there will also be in your position.

    Just smile and others will want to talk to you !

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    I'm pretty sure you won't be the only nervous one there. Just relax and I'm sure you'll have fun and enjoy yourself x

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    That sounds exciting! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun (:

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    So....we went as a vanilla couple and met some really lovely people..Jenn the bar maid had us in creases...she's a 50+ yr old ex diesel fitter who decided that these will fit her better than the missus and she behaves like a virgin nun who's just discovered cucumbers......We were left to our own devises at the bar and were soon chatting to tgirls, couples and admirers. They even have a dominatrix who comes in, just because she enjoys it! EEEK!!

    Everyone was so chilled out, I'm definitely going to go next time as a girl. ..Mistress Wife has her eye on the public play area for me, and to be frank, so do I......

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    Sounds like you conquered your nerves had an amazing time, especially as you want to go back. I'm really jealous, wish my OH would like to try something like that, but I would not push her in to anything she would not want to do.
    Any way pleased you enjoyed it and here's to the next time :))


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    I'm glad it all went well! We've been talking about checking out a club, but the nerves always get the better of us. Love to hear success stories such as this one, they give us courage. :)

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    Glad you had such a good time in the end. It sounds like a lot of fun :)

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