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  1. Libido has gone crazy

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    I am a married woman in a completely sexless marriage. It is not through lack of trying but we just don't feel anything for each other anymore. We are on our way to separating once he can accept it.

    I had a sexual experience which I stopped before it went anywhere on the weekend with a woman which has woken me up a bit. I now seem to have got my sex drive back and have been horny as hell ever since. I have had no sex or affection for over a year and haven't even masturbated. Since the weekend I am masturbating twice a day.

    I even managed to come when reading the reviews on this website on the train this morning! I have made my first sex toy (well 3!) purchase ever and am eagerly awaiting delivery. Not sure how I will use them with husband in the house though.

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    Are you willing to consider a reconcilliation with your husband? Do you want to regain your mutual sexuality with your husband in the hope that you can both take it further? Or have you made up your mind on where you are heading from this brief encounter? We would like to help as much as we can but, where do you want to go with it? Your husband is still a significant role in this relationship until you decide otherwise. Let us know and we will help if we can.

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    The sexual encounter will go no further. I also don't think me and my husband can go any further. We have never had a good sexual relationship. I sound heartless I know but I'm really not. We have been together a long time and it is just not working anymore.

    I think I am definitely doing this alone for now


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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    It is never too late to be woken up sexually or emotionally or otherwise. You seem like a person who has analysed her situation enough, and stands on firm ground. That is a good thing already.

    You can use your toys during relaxing (private) baths without your husband knowing if they are waterproof (and preferably quiet too). But let me ask you: do you really care if he knows and what he'd say/think? It might actually help your case in making him realise that the marriage is over. Just a thought.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums. It sounds like having sex with another woman has woken you up.Just maybe this could be the way forward for how you feel about the future.

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