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    I have just purchised my first toy, a fleshlight, and need some advice.

    When I bought it I also got the powder, the wash and some lube. The lube was from fleshlight themselves, but I found that after applying it, it became thicker and tacky very quickly. So much so that it has actually made my skin sore and I had to stop doing what I was doing halfway through and give up.

    So now I'm after a good water based lube. Which one would you recommend for use with a fleshlight?

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    Becoming thicker is strange. We definitely never had that problem with Fleshlight lube before, although it is quite quick to dry out as you seem to have found out the hard way. Silly question perhaps, but did you give it a rinse before use? If there was any powder on the sleeve (even from the factory) that could have caused the thickening.

    Liquid silk is great with Fleshlights, quite realistic as lubes go. Good value too so you can use a lot and not worry about it:


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    I did rinse it, yes. To make sure it was clean more than anything.

    I hadn't considered the powder. After the initial clean I did reapply powder, and was fairly liberal with it so it is conceivable that some went inside and caused an issue. I'll watch out for that in the future.

    I looked at the Liquid Silk as I have seen it mentioned as a good lube on here before, but wasn't sure what it was like with the fleshlights. Unless anyone knows of anything better for this specific aplication, then I'll probably grab some in a few days when I get paid.

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