1. Curvier ladies...

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    My OH is a size 18, she hates her body, but I adore every lump and bump! She has the most amazing bum and a lovely pair of breasts.
    Okay she probably needs to lose weight due to health reasons, and she needs encouragement with that, the right sort of encouragement and im still trying to find the "right" sort lol.

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    I do think us women are our own worst critics. One thing that really riles me though is the "a real woman has curves".. so a lady that is a size 6 without any, isn't a real woman? I am a huge believer in the fact that you have to love yourself first before anyone else can.

    I wear a size 18-20. My boobs aren't particulary big compared to the rest of me, but who cares? I have an hourglass shape and a great ass. I could do with losing some weight, which I'm trying to do for health reasons only. If i was losing weight to be happier with my appearence, there is no way I would be 100% happy if I was x stone lighter. My OH says I'm beautiful now and then, but I alwaysdress up for myself, do my hair and makeup nice, for me and me only. He just wants me to be happy. 

    A smile is the best curve someone can wear, and in my opinion confidence is downright sexy. I've been told a couple of times by men that my confidence in myself is a little intimidating to them. So sod them! I have bigger balls than most men I know, lol.

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    I am a size 18/20 and I have written a confidence thread because it's really hard to be confident in the world right now...thin or fat body shaming happens to both..confidence comes from within and that can be so hard sometimes. Especially at certain times of the month I feel like an ugly fat ginger...then others I feel like the sexiest woman in the world..i am losing weight but i am doing it for health reasons mainly water retention...but I still want to stay plus size..I know my body I have been slimmer and it didn't suit me, I definitely look better with curves. But that's me not everyone is the same...Lovehoney has helped massively in making me feel sexy as a plus size and it probably the thought of not fitting into my amazing lingerie that's putting me off being plus sized haha xx

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    Hi all

    My wife is a plus size the only problem she moans about is the lack of clothes on the high St finding good undies and sexy ones too plus the annoyance of having 3 sizes for various times of the month and brand style etc otherwise I much prefer a larger woman as they give alot more loving I've found and I've been married for 20 yrs this yr with 3 kids thanks to exercise and willpower my wife has now got back to the same size she was when we got married and she's walking around with great confidence so most of it comes down to being comfortable in your own skin and who you are not what someone else wants you to be.

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    I'm a fatty and I think half the battle is seeing myself through my partner's eyes. He finds me attractive, so what does it matter what anyone else thinks? Of course, trying to remember that when I'm trying on yet another ill-fitting item of clothing or catch myself at a bad angle in the mirror, is pretty difficult most of the time. But then I think, it would be really unfair on everyone else if I was THIS awesome AND skinny 😏
    Either way, beauty isn't measured by the size of your arse, it's measured by your actions and heart.

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    I'm a size 8 but I really dislike my body, society says we should have tiny waist with big peachy bum and boobies... 😐 some of the most beautiful women I see are curvy! ...I think most women envy to look like someone else but forget everyone has little issues about themselves, beauty certainly does come from within tho!

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    Fun Louise wrote:

    Briona87 wrote:

    Honestly? I would give ANYTHING in the world to be slim or petite. I used to be morbidly obese and I dropped a cartload of weight and somehow I have managed to become very active, even athletic (my resting heart rate of 42-46bpm can "prove" my ability to easily recover even from the most strenuous of excercises), but I am still big and particularly my thighs simply wouldn't slim down - and seeing I have a massive bone structure, it is obvious that I will always look just awful... Everyone in this country always wants a slim woman with long legs (and every bigger girl is considered ugly, lazy and stupid - how unfair!) and I have been trying to get reconciled with the fact I am going to stay single forever. Seriously, everything about being "big" is dreadful.

    Briona you have achieved so much, your fit and healthy, and I wish for all the world you were happy. If I was a bloke (or even a woman who likes women) I would be chasing you, you have such a kind heart and I wish I could prove to you that beauty is on the inside.

    Honestly I really and truly believe that to be beautiful you just need to be happy with yourself.🙂

    Thanks for you kind words, Louise, I just wish there were more people who would be able to look at me in that way... Sadly enough, hardly anyone thinks like that and no one would give me a second glance when there are so many good looking, slim women around. Ah well, I know I should have already learned to be happy without a partner but, um... I simply cannot find enough strength to be completely... content when I seem to be the only "undateable" around... It simply feels a bit too sad. And lonely...

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    I fear this thread has tuned into something unfortunate. Not that we should ignore these comments but it is genuinely sad that some people can't be happy with themselves.

    my wife is 5'3" and has been everywhere between a size 12 to an 18 but as she has small boobs (which I love) most size 18 clothes just hang off her in those areas.

    I absolutely love every bump on her and genuinely my favourite things are her bum and her little love handles. I encourage her when she wants to lose weight but definitely won't be the reason she feels like she needs to do it. I love her at any size.

    she currently runs 3 times a week but is still what will be co soldered overweight. The most important thing for her is that she's healthy rather than fits a certain profile, idea of a woman. Dress size, BMI, radio or whatever other nonsense people want to say about her or bigger woman in general.

    it seems like there is no shortage of bigger girls on her who enjoy their femininity and sexuality and to those on this threat who are having issues I wish you the very best in overcoming this, there is probably a lot of help in other people's posts over this forum.

    and for me as a man, I don't in any way see and judge women by their size. As said a million times above, confidence is a lot! Someone who is comfortable with themselves is far more attractive but if someone is attractive then size and weight have nothing to do with it.

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    I like curvier women, not a big fan of stick thin girls.. Girls don't think you ever need to be skinny to fit in.. As said its about who you are on the inside not on the outside

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    I think (being a curvy girl myself 16/18) I think curvy is beautiful! I think confidence however is more convincing than anything physical. My OH worships my entire big body that also helps me feel beautiful/sexy.

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    Lovebirds_x wrote:

    Skinny women are fetishised as well as being porn style naughty teens, virginal, etc etc. Or recieve totally inappropriate comments like 'oh it'd be like fucking a child, gross'.

    I personally don't think a persons weight has anything to do with their attractiveness, honestly. I like and have been with men and women of all sizes. In my experience weight plays more of a part in how we see ourselves than how others see us (except, of course, when you find people who have a fetish for the extremes or people who are just assholes/socially conditioned to go for a certain type of woman regardless of their actual preferences). In other words, you're more likely to find yourself unattractive because of your weight than have someone else find you unattractive because of your weight. It's surprising how many people don't mind what weight their potential partner is. Or how many people, when asked why they don't find someone attractive, will answer with dozens of other answers other than 'their weight'.

    I don't see the point in judging anyone solely on their size, be they large, thin or average weight. Nor do I see the point in comparing curvy and thin women, especially when it descends to shaming one to big up the other. Attractiveness is far more than simply the number on the scales.

    Definite +1 to this x

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    I am curvy and really struggle with it...but DH insists he loves every curve.

    I do try and see what he see's but it is not always possible.

    With his encouragement I am not hidding behind larger clothes as much and I am starting to feel better about my body but it is hard. My issue is I use to so tiny but I am learning to love me for me, bumps and all...

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    Love curvy ladies!!!!!!

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    It's all about personal choice and what you like I personally prefer curvy woman my OH is a petite 16/18.a skinny woman does nothing for me at all and there's nothing better than seeing my OH in sexy underwear she's so hot.

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    I am 5'8 and a size 18-20 mainly because of my boobs and my ass, I am 'thicker' built but I don't have rolls or a big stomach and I think I carry my weight quite well but it's surprising the amount of men that wouldn't touch me because I'm not what society deems to be perfect. But I think secretly every man loves a bbw (and that's what I'm proud to call myself)
    my husband loves my body, he loves grabbing my flesh without feeling bone and when I'm on top/doggy he loves the movement of my curves and that for me is a big turn on..

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    My wife has a curvy figure. But it's not that turns me on. It's her personality. It's her innerstrength. I look in her eyes and get lost.
    Growing up I would always go for a certain looking type, however I know get turned on by what's beneath the packaging. No matter how much packaging there is!

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    I love curvy women,give me a curvy girl any day,i just cannot see the attraction of George Clooney`s stick thin wife,or Angelina Jolie`s current emaciated state,their legs are so thin that they have no shape.The media encourages the skinny look,and it annoys me that it makes normal sized women ashamed of their curves.

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    This issue of body image and the cause of the problems is one of my favourite rants. I think the root cause of much of it is that there are whole industries that rely on us being dissatisfied with our body image in order to thrive - cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, fashion, slimming, gymnasia - the list goes on - and the more impossible the 'ideal body' they manage to conjure up the more we spend to try to measure up to this.

    Unfortunately, the medical profession, who should really be trying to offset this only add to the difficulties. Despite the endless data that shows people with BMIs in the range of 28 to 31.5 have better life expectancy than those in the so-called 'healthy' BMI range (and by a not insignificant 6% - more than wonder drugs like Statins for example can achieve) you have to torture the average doctor over hot coals to get them to admit this. They are guilty of the most gross statistical lumpage by stacking everything for 'overweight and obese' in one bin as if the problems of someone with a BMI of 60+ has serious relevance for those of us with BMIs of say 26. The NHS web page on the topic is a wonderful bit of obfuscation and when comments on the page pointed this out stacked up they took the comments and the ability to comment on the article down.

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    Curves are natural, I'm not sure where the size zero obsession came from or why. In nature humans like all all creatures look for certain triggers in a mate for the purposes of childbirth and the best chance of increasing the gene pool. This can be many things to many people depending on their environment.

    All shapes of women are beautiful, depending on the man they will have a preference but the same works the other way for us guys too. Different women prefer different attributes. Never stop loving yourself you are more than a body shape you are a unique work of natural art

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    DeepBlueKisses wrote:

    how do you feel about girls who are bigger than average? personally, im a big girl, and that has it advantages (cough boobs cough) but sometimes i cant help but feel im unattractive because of my weight. id like to know if anyone finds larger women attractive, and if im honest, why


    Love it. The shape is just appealing.

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