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  1. Do females find make bi partners confusing and off putting?

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    I would find it a turn off. Gay porn, man on man, does nothing for me. This does not make me homophobic. I highly doubt my boyfriend would ever turn around and say he has thoughts like that, if he did though I would like him to be open and honest with me about it, as honesty for me really is the best policy.

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    An interesting discussion here..

    Sexuality can be whatever it wants to be as long as it's faithful, consenting etc.. For me it should be explored, not too sure what my feelings are or what they mean, ether I'm curious or just want to understand my feelings.

    Threesomes etc.. Also, I think there is a great amount of fun which is very potential but everyone is different, this discussion is a brilliant one.

    Cheers all for adding to it! X

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    One of my first boyfriends told me he thought he was bi when we started dating. We had been friends for a while before dating and he had previously had a relationship with a man before we became friends. He was honest with me that he wasn't really sure whether he was bi, straight or gay but It didnt bother me at all. I knew he liked me for me, and I liked him for him 😀. He was clear from the start that whilst he was unsure of his sexuality he would not be unfaithful to me.

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    My wife is fine with my being bisexual. I was quite cagey about it when we first met, but I she's pretty open-minded about most things. She knows I watch gay porn, doesn't bat an eyelid when the postie delivers my umpteenth dildo and is even fine with my wandering aound the house when fully shaved, cross-dressed and in makeup. We have an arrangement that I can indulge my bi-side in strictly hands-off fashion.

    The fact that she's a fan of WIll & Grace, Graham Norton and others tipped me off from the start that she's might be - in some way - a "fag-hag". Since then, I've introduced her to anal, bondage and numerous other things she hadn't experienced, and is enthusiastic about them all. We're happily married, been together for 10 years and haven't had a single major arguement.

    It's all about the person. Some are tolerant, some aren't. Some put up with it for the sake of the marriage. Some just want their partners to be both themselves and happy. I just got very lucky.

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