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  1. Love Honey voucher + Free stuff...

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    I get the Love Honey magazine through (Issue 3) and it comes with a letter and a tear off voucher on the bottom. You give the voucher to a friend, and when they sign up and spend £10 or more, they get a free Tracey Cox Supersex bullet vibrator. The benifit for you being, you get one too! (when they spend over £10) Ok, so this is all well and good, but what IF you give the voucher to someone, and they want to buy the following...

    £16.99 - Tracey Cox advanced anal kit -

    £7.99 - Tracey Cox supersex anal lubricant -

    Firstly, this is over £10, so you get a FREE supersex bullet, BUT not only that, but you also get a free supersex bullet for buying the advanced anal kit, AND because you have spent more than £20 on Tracey Cox products, you get some supersex orgasm arousal gel for free too.

    This means (in theory) you get 2 x supersex bullets (PLUS the person who gives you the voucher gets one too) and you get some orgasm gel.

    Firstly, would the person you give the voucher to get the 2 bullets (if they bought the above items?) and secondly am i right in thinking this is a pretty f-ing good deal, and i should stop wondering how or why and just buy the stuff? lol


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