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    Oh my! Everybody has a different favourite and most for the same reasons too! Which is not helpful to the OP I'd think... so best advice here: just try out a few until you find what works for you. :)

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    CocoGirl wrote:

    Skyn are the best condoms I've ever used.
    I particularly like the extra lubricated ones.
    I have used them for a few years now and (touch wood) have never had one fail or any other issues. They seem to be very strong and really are the closest thing to not using protection in my opinion.

    Prize for best pun of 2016 so far ... touch wood :) or was it just me that found that funny?

    I second the skyns =, despite not bing allergic in any way I found the latex free ones the best although they are more expensive than standard latex ones.

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    Try the exs air thin Condoms £5.99 for 12 at Lovehoney thin but very reliable.

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    Everyone got given a massive packet for free from college today was hilarious and great saves me buying any. They are all mixed flavours too!

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