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    Hi guys many thanks for all your thoughts ,opinions and ideas .Every one of you who as commented have been brilliant.

    Normally I would say my wife is a submissive type person but when her sex drive is at its peak she then becomes what I would label (If you are into labels ) a dominant submissive. What I mean here is that she wants to push the boundaries right to the limit .It's my challenge to try and accommodate what she wants and tbh I would rather have this type of problem than someone who had no appetite for sex at all.

    I will be using Fun Louise's ideas and drawing on her experience of acting and I am deeply indebted to her for her great ideas.

    This type of role play I would NOT recommend for those trying it out first time.We are both experienced role players and have developed a psyche between us that for the duration of the role play we are not Mr & Mrs Mysteron but whatever character we play. So when I hit my Mrs she does not see it as me hitting her but the character in the play. This particular play is one that will be placed on the pending pile as she will be spending a lot of time naked in the role and perhaps summer when it's naturally a lot warmer may well be a better time to act it out.I will also need a spreader bar as well

    .I know it sounds boring ,but I can't emphasise enough of the importance of Safe Words and we always do a safe word drill before any role play commences .Even in the tamest of roleplays things can go wrong like when we did the mile high club role play a wire coat hanger got very much in the way as it got caught in one of the wife's stocking suspenders .That was poor planning on my behalf as I should have cleared them out before trying to make love in the fitted wardrobe.Its also possible one of you can get carried away with your role as well. I had to use the safe word in the Cop scenario as the paddling I got was taking its toll on my backside. If I thought we were rubbish when it comes to the use of safe words , then there is no way I would even attempt a role play that involves any form of impact play .So please do not attempt any role plays until you are both comfortable with the use of safe words.

    Thanks guys for listening while I rabbit on !

    One final word if anyone has any question about role plays no matter how daft it may sound then fire away and I will answer it as best as I can drawing on the experience that we have gained.

    Happy role playing !

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