1. Solo Prostate play

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    Hi all,

    so im wanting to explore my prostate and try and achieve the fabled hands free "O"

    bit tight and stingy of me I know but i am not wanting to pay for any new toys yet until I know I like it.

    I am wanting advice for positions for solo play and stimulation using fingers alone.


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    Middle finger whilst showering or bathing, gradualy.

    Thats how i did it and still do, but with some lube, but got toys now, and looking to get another, so going through reviews and will try some proper anal lube this time.

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    A good idea to try the finger idea, bathing or with lube.

    Personally, I never found massaging the prostate did anything 'sexual' for me. Fiddling around the bum hole was okay, but doing my prostate just felt like poking an internal organ, if you get what I mean.

    Also, don't be tempted to use any 'impromptu' toys up there. There's a lot of involuntary suction in that area and things can get stuck or worse still be sucked inside. Finger or proper anal toy only is my advice.

    Lovethekink [sign in to see picture]
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    For hubby fingers never did anything nor did the toys designed for prostate stimulation, although they were pleasurable for him he didn't eve have the hands free O.
    What did it was actually using one of my dildos, coincidently the dildo that first made me squirt!

    It's definitely worth investing in some good anal lube such a maximus and try a dildo or prober to get the angle/stimulation you enjoy. Once you've learnt what it takes to get you there then you can adapt to that with other toys or try hands then as you'll know more about what motions and pressure did it for you

    Good luck!

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    Get ready for a long slow exploration and really get to know your body. In the beginning don't rush penetration. Use some lube and rim yourself. Fantasize or watch porn or your partner.

    I've bought every toy and tried and started to become aware of everything. I have to be really horney to have a prostrate orgasm and I've discovered a whole bunch of deep nerves under the base of my cock. I will massage these deeply with the ends of my fingers with the unoccupied hand.

    This has on occasion turned into the most erotically magically deep and very long orgasm. I don't even know if I can call it an orgasm. It's like this timeless and very high plateau. I then might roll all the way over and have a prostrate orgasm. It's cool because you ejaculate even if you're getting no direct penile stimulation. And it is extremely deep all through your mid torso.

    The great thing for me was also that you stay hungry and aroused even right after.

    But like I said I have to be in a real special place and willing to go for a couple of hours. But well worth it.

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