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  1. Wifey cannot have clitoral orgasms, only through penetrative

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    As the title says, my wife can only orgasm through penetrative sex. She finds it very easy to orgasm this way, sometimes it can literally take just a minute or two. When I try to give her oral or touch her clitoris with my fingers she says that it tickles too much and pulls me away. I would love her to experience a clitoral orgasm...any ideas?

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    The clitoris is not just on the surface, but its nerves and roots travel either side the vaginal opening, and pressure from penatrive sex therefore stimulates it indirectlys.

    Have you tried to use a dental dam over the clitoral nub to help reduce the sensations you produce? Many women find their clitoris to be highly sensative.

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    Personally, I'd just be happy she orgasms at all. A lot of women find that difficult. Secondly, if she's pushing away, it might not just be sensativity. She might just not be into it, which you'll have to accept. My partner loves anal but it took me ages to agree to do it. I know it's a little less taboo than anal sex but for some women they just don't like being directly touched there.

    If she's totally up for it and she wants a clitoral orgasm there are a few things that can help. Like Lady Ness said, she may already be having one from inside because of the shape of the clitoris internally. In which case, problem solved! However, a dental dam is a good idea to reduce sensitivity. A friend of mine had a similar problem and she used some numbing gel (usually marketted for men, anal sex or deep throating) that she said did the trick. I think she used this one, ( http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30959) but I can't make any promises. Make sure it is safe to use near the vaginal opening though, as she could get infections from some products if she has sensative skin.

    Good luck!x

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    Funny how women are all different. My Mrs keeps placing my hand there as a hint that she wants to be stimulated by me just using fingers.

    As to the OP ,why not test her reaction on using toys on her. There are plenty of Clint stimulating toys available from Lovehoney.

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    Hi, meaning to reply to this post but only just got round to it. My OH is the same. takes about 2 mins for her to orgasm vaginally in misonary or her on top. Her G Spot is super responsive. Its like a gender role reversal. I am wanting it to last longer so i can get off! All my ex's have required 20mins of oral on the clit to get anywhere near orgasm and vaginal does nothing for them.

    She said the same as you OH did about her clit, its partially because she was taught touching herself was bad and also because it is so sensitive. We have found the best way of to go very slow and gentle, only light touches over her labia and over her hood with lubed finger or bullet. After time she can have her clit touched and oral works. Mind you she says it no where near as good as a vaginal orgasm!

    Told her she is pretty lucky to have such a senstive G spot!!!

    Good luck

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    Just discovered http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30320. It's amazing lipstick looking but so powerful. Initially in my hand and forefinger next to clit. The deep vibrations through my finger just got to her. She never previously ha d a vibrator cljt orgasm, but now craves them., so beware.

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    I've found a lot of guys focus too much directly on the clit and end up overstimulating it, it just feels too intense and can even be uncomfortable or 'tickly' as your wife has said. Try licking or touching on either side of the clit through the hood that surrounds it, thats what works for me, lubed bullets are a good idea too!

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    My wife is the opposite, she can't orgasm through penetration alone, she needs lots of clitoral stimulation. I don't mind as I love playing and giving her oral, although I think she would like to experience an orgasm through penetration.

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