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  1. How old are you and is your sex life improving with age?

    Little Lady [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 19 and yes indeed, over the past two years it gets better and better. =P

    *Irresistible* [sign in to see picture]
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    Well I am 36 years old and my OH is the best sexual partner I have had but on saying that he thinks I am 'vanilla' when it comes to sex. I don't agree with him, it's more a case of not being given to chance to explore the 'wilder side of me'.

    Sex definatley gets better with age but also comes down to the person you are with .

    bl0nd1e [sign in to see picture]
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    My sex life over the years has been wild and exciting really couldnt complain - done most things - lucky me, took my chances and ALLOWED myself things i'll always be able to think about on the proverbial death bed! Certainly confidence is an issue as you get older - can get blunted somewhat but now im 46 i still think you aint too old to learn new tricks, and indeed learning to have solo time for me and my vibe - my buzzy wuzzy fuzzy as ive named it 8-) ive since learnt how to do it the big "O"for myself! Big learning curve - one id never have done in the past - not having had the need to do it for myself in years gone past - Willing partners to thank! So at the moment im enjoying MYSELF, and as they say... "Learning to LOve Yourself is the greatest Love of all"! And i beleive theres still lots of exciting life in the old dog yet given any chances!

    Lubyanka [sign in to see picture]
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    bl0nd1e wrote:

    [...] Certainly confidence is an issue as you get older - can get blunted somewhat but now im 46 i still think you aint too old to learn new tricks, [...] ive since learnt how to do it the big "O"for myself! Big learning curve - one id never have done in the past

    Congratulations on becoming solo orgasmic! :)

    I think it's interesting that you find your confidence is getting blunted with age, because for me, I never found being youthful a confidence booster at all. I'm 43 and I find I am getting more confident as I get older, not less. I can't think of a single reason why age would be anything but an advantage! For me:

    • Being sexually experienced is hot
    • Being sexually confident is hot
    • Being able to know what I'm doing is hot
    • Being able to walk away from a prat because I know it's them and not me is incredibly satisfying
    • Being able to recognise prats early because I've seen it before is incredibly satisfying
    • Knowledge and experience in general is hot
    • Being able to specify what I want is hot and satisfying

    I find that the unsatisfying stuff is unrelated to aging and everything to do with other people's problems. So honestly I can only think of aging as a good thing, because aging has only ever led to better things for me.

    Yay aging! :D

    JayGee [sign in to see picture]
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    xxbrown-eyed-kittyxx wrote:

    I'm 42 and a big YES my sex life has definitely improved as I got older.

    For me, being on the Pill killed my sex drive, then the children came along and everyone knows what a great form of contraception they are!!

    I'm more confident now, love my body and love being a sensual, sexy woman!

    42 is the age to be! Whoever said life begins at 40 wasn't kidding . More power to you hun xxx

    SEXYGET 69 [sign in to see picture]
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    Yeah, power to your elbow girl! No, not that type of elbow power you rude lot! Tut tut :-) SG69 x

    JayGee [sign in to see picture]
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    SEXYGET 69 wrote:

    Yeah, power to your elbow girl! No, not that type of elbow power you rude lot! Tut tut :-) SG69 x

    Oh and I was just getting some grease out to rub on it too

    hornyteen [sign in to see picture]
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    Im 19 (coming 20 in January) and I do have to agree that confidence grows with age and with that the sex gets better.

    Im still young and Im still developing my confidence and get extremely shy during sex but I do find Im slowly like a tortise getting more confident.

    With my new boyfriend I made the first move and I also stated ' I want to fuck you' OK so not very confident like most people and I still cant suggest positions or ask him to slow down go faster etc, but considering how I was even 3 months ago thats a big improvement.

    I do think it is due to such an unsatisfying sex life with my ex-boyfriend. Now I want to have the sex I deserve and I feel more better to ask for it.

    Age? More comfortable with my new boyfriend?

    I dont know but I am much more confident now but still have some big steps to take.

    lachica82 [sign in to see picture]
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    Im 26 and my OH is 41 our sex life is amazing!!

    We just click, we have been together for nearly 9 years and it gets better every time i cant tell you the best time as the next time is always the best time. I do think that its so much more intense when your in a loving relationship. We have sex at least 4 times a week sometimes more.

    bobsy <3 [sign in to see picture]
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    iam 18 and i love havng sex!! ive been having sex for a couple of years now ... personaly it has got alot better and more raunchy!! i got to admit doing a porno for me and partner to watch makes the sex better :D

    Columbus [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 31 and have been with my current partner for 20 months. I'd say it's definitely getting better for me. In my teens (began having sex at 17 - although lost virginity a week before I turned 17) it was rubbish and no one ever got my rocks off. I had a lot of one night stands waiting for the holy grail of someone making me orgasm LOL I'd done it myself but wanted to experience it from someone else. Anyway, so I had one night stands, dated people for a month or two here and there and although I didn't cum I still got to experience different men's bodies and techniques (or lack of it) etc and got to practice my own handjob/blow job etc techniques - so I don't regret it. I got to a point where I decided ti was a waste of my time though. I said to one guy "You may as well have just had a wank for all the good that did me". Blunt, yes LOL Anyhoo, so then just as I turned 21 I met my ex and he made me cum and we spent 7 years together. It depended how often we'd have sex - probably down to me more than him. Could be couple of times a day then nothing for a week. At one point we were averaging once a month when I first started my PhD and was stressed out. I've since discovered this is around the time he probably began cheatin on me... !

    We split in 2006 and I didn't sleep with anyone for nearly two years as I just needed time to heal. Then I started thinking it might be nice and slept with a guy I'd been at school with a couple of times, but it was rubbish for me so I said let's forget about it and be friends! Then a couple of months after that I met my partner and it's great! I thought it was good with my ex - I always came - but I feel like sex in my 30s has gone up a notch and I'm trying different things and feel more confident to say what I want to try. For example, with my ex I'd never say " I want you to put your finger in my bum!" (not that I phrased it quite like that!) in case he thought I was weird or dirty or whatever. he may have loved it! But I never felt I could express myself as openly as I can with current OH. He's been round the block a bit himself and tried different things but is still doing new things with me and says it's by far best sex he's had too - and it just keeps getting better.

    So I will thoroughly enjoy my 30s and will welcome in my 40s in nine years time as I'm sure they'll rock!!

    Columbus [sign in to see picture]
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    Oh and we're at it like rabbits. I think we naturally both have high sex drives - but sometimes life gets in the way. But we often do it a few times a day. Sunday evening was four times, last night three times - I think the most was six. He always makes me cum at least twice (sometimes 3-4) before any penetration (which sadly doesn't make me cum- although he tries!) and then often touches me again afterwards, then after I've cum a couple more times he'll be hard and we'll do it again. So if we've done it - as in penetration - six times in a day that actually equates to A LOT of orgasms for me! lol

    Sam66 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 45 and my OH is 44 and oh yes ... sex is SOOOOO much better now than it has ever been.

    With age (for me) came 'staying power' (if you see what I mean!) so it means I last longer in my OH, when she's performing poral etc. In my 20's I found it very difficult to receive oral if there was to be penetrative sex as well - it was one or the other, simply because I had a short fuse.

    Now ... no problem at all!!!!!

    bride2b [sign in to see picture]
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    im 34 and oh is 29,and our sex life is wonderfull,for me once i hit 30 i seemed to peak and turned majorly horney,,and as iv goten older im getting worse,with every year that passes i seem to increase my sex drive!!!!

    red30 [sign in to see picture]
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    Well I am 30 and yes it is getting better all the time, I used to be very shy and stuck to what i knew worked but with age , confidence and knowledge I am very prepared to give anything a try. In my early twenties sex was something I just did and i do have to say it wasn't that enjoyable but now it's about being with the one i love, sometimes just for pure pleasure but also knowing that i am giving my whole everything to someone who appreciates me. x

    highheels [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 20 and sex started out as not being very pleasurable, but now I'm with someone who is just so compatible with me sexually. It's like a light switch! I'm beginning to understand just how important chemistry really is.

    meep [sign in to see picture]
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    Yes - sex does get better as you agt older. I've been with my OH for 11 years now, and and have a great sex life most of the time. (hey - nothings perfect and life can get in the way)

    I orgasm more now than I did in my teens and twenties, and am more secure with myself. But then, I expected this to happen as my mum always told me the sex got better the older you got!

    SweetSubmission [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 25 now, and I first had sex 11 years ago - so far it's got better and better, so I'm really encouraged by this thread! If I think it's great now, and the general consensus is that it improves over time, just think what I've got to look forward to!! Whoop!

    SS xx

    Noon [sign in to see picture]
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    What year is it? Right, then I must be *counts on fingers* 38. OH is 32 in a few days time (I know that one!).

    Sex has never been better for me, I will ask the OH when she gets out of the bath what she thinks.

    For me all of my sexual experiences and fantasies came together in the last few years.

    Sassy Saz [sign in to see picture]
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    I was 40 in June and haven't been with anyone for almost 3 years!!! Once I hit 40, I started to listen to what my body and head were telling me and from then until last week I resisted most of what it told me.

    I received my first order from LH today and WOW. What a lot I'd been missing out on. Found a M/F couple on-line, had my first no cams cyber-sex and body rippling orgasms. Can't tell you how good I feel, cos I'm still not sure myself. I just know I feel utterly amazing. I was living my dream through the airwaves with the help of LH and next week I get to meet them to live the dream for real. Time to be meeeeeeeeeee

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