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  1. Touching yourself at work?

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    Delboy1991 wrote:

    Scorpion1673 wrote:

    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde wrote:

    Scorpion1673 wrote:

    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde wrote:

    Scorpion1673 wrote:

    I have done this in work several times, I've also had full sex at work with a co-workers wife

    The most exciting masturbation I've done at work was in my female boss's office (when she wasn't there of course)

    Uhh... What?

    1) Did your co-workers husband know?

    2) Did your boss know you were going in her office to have a wank?

    If the answer to both of those questions isn't "yes", then that's pretty disgusting behaviour.

    Answer to both those questions is of course no, although her husband does know about it now.

    Why is it "of course" no? If it was obvious, I wouldn't have asked.

    Now I'm curious though... What made you think that wanking in your boss' office without her consent was ok on any level?

    Why not "of course" ? What, you think I'd say to my boss "Hey, you don't mind if I go wank in your office do you ?" lol. Maybe I should have asked and she'd offer to do it for me

    Seems most people find masturbating in work unacceptable, I for one am a self confessed cum addict, I'm not a sex addict, nor am I a porn addict, I'm a cum addict, when I need to cum I cum, several times a day I'll need to cum and I don't need sex to do that. Although I've got high hopes for the new hands free toy I ordered from here earlier so it better be good lol.

    But you wouldnt walk into someones home and do it whilst they arent there so how is someones office any different? Still pereonal space with pereonal belongings.

    My first ever post on this forum and it seems I've offended so many people, must be a record lol.

    Kinda regret posting that now.

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    Who new all the above agro could come from a simple little question.
    You Crazy lot!!
    Lol 😉

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