1. 'Sex Nicknames'

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    So, in everyday life my OH will call me ‘gorgeous’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘queen’ … but during anything even slightly sexual he calls me his ‘dirty slut’ ‘filthy bitch’ ‘dirty girl’, you get the gist!

    When he first started doing it I used to just phase them out but now it turns me on more when he calls me by a ‘sex nickname’ and spurs me on more to go harder/faster etc.

    The only time he doesn’t use them is when we’re having a more romantic night in but 98% of the time it’s dirty and fun sex.

    What do you think about ‘sex nicknames’ and what do you use/get called??


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    Well the boring hub calls me "babe" that's it!

    My play mates call me "Minxy" or "My Naughty"..I adore both

    I use nothing for my hub, he doesn't deserve a sexy name! My playmates, are " my baby""sexy man" or "sexy thing"

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    He generally just uses my first name but the bedroom is the only place he'll say it! I don't know why I find it so attractive, must be the way he says it

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    As my OH likes anal ,i call her spunky bum lol


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    My OH does not talk dirty at all, maybe why I'm so bad at it!! Even calls the sexy bits cute names haha

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    During sex I'm normally slut , whore wife , dirty girl, plaything ...but when I'm being submissive he calls me Kitten which I love ...when were being romantic its Baby , beautiful, his goddess x

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