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  1. Couple after advice - greenlight on anal

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    It's taken a few years but I've been given the greenlight on trying anal with the OH.

    I'm very excited but don't want to rush in and it not be enjoyable (and repeated!)

    We've bought a beginners butt plug and some lube.

    What are people's advice? Lots of lube and very slow I'm guessing? How long before I should attempt to swap the toy for me? (I'm average kind of size - sorry if TMI).

    Thank you so much!

    New here if you hadn't guessed :)


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    Me & the OH have recently started anal after talking about it for a while & I'm really enjoying it which surprised me because I was very nervous about it.
    My experience was after a few drinks, a lot of great sex & then when I was really turned on we used lots of lube & very gently started exploring with his finger, I definitely think the combination of being relaxed through having a few drinks and also relaxed after a couple of orgasms helped a lot, like you say lots of lube, take it really gently & let her guide you is a great start, I'm wishing I'd agreed to it sooner because it's an amazing feeling, kinda kinky but also really pleasurable for us both, hope your experience is similar 😊

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    Can't give much advice on Anal but don't double dip .

    If you use the search button at the top and type in "Anal" , it will bring up many threads on the subject .

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    Hi there, the best advice I can give is to take things slowly and stop immediately if anything hurts or is uncomfortable. Make sure you use lots of lube - this is essential – I use either Sliquid Sassy or Lovehoney Discover anal Lube, as they do not contain any chemical nasties - but there are lots of anal lubes on LH to choose from:



    For anal sex, it may take several sessions before you are able to penetrate her fully - just take as long as you need and build up very slowly. Just get used to playing with your fingers for a couple of sessions and enjoy those sensations before you try again - you can try to build up to 2 fingers then 3 fingers etc.

    We use the Pjur anal comfort serum . The great thing about this serum is that you really don’t loose any sensation at all - and there are no long-term effects. Nothing gets looser, so to speak - it just helps things to relax and I don’t feel so much of the burning sensations. It doesn’t take the sensations away, just makes things much easier. I have written a review on this product too:


    Also, have a read through this LH guide which may be useful :) xx


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    Lube lube lube. And please for the love of God, make sure your nails are trimmed without any sharp edges! My best advice is do not rush any situation, remember, one cannot simply march through the gates of Mordor.

    Invest in some good quality lube, and a couple of beginners toys. It has taken me a long while (and finding a great partner) to fully enjoy anal. It can be intimidating and takes a huge amount of trust, so communication is key. Have a safe word for her so she can call the shots on it if she doesn't like it.

    For the record, my first experiences with anal was horrifying. He was an abusive guy anyway but thought it would be hella fun to go for it without my permisson, and would not stop either. I had never even explored anal while any solo play, and this happened just shortly after I lost my virginity to him. Great, huh.

    I really hope that this is a whole new adventure for the both of you, it really is wonderful and now when I am in the mood for it, I often enjoy it more than regular sex. As Mysteron mentioned earlier, don't double dip!

    Couple looking to spice things up [sign in to see picture]
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    bex1213 [sign in to see picture]
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    I had sworn off anal entirely, so it took ages for me to agree to it but now I absolutely love it because my first experience was so good. Basically, it might hurt but it really doesn't have to even if she's had very little experience with toys. I never had anything except a little fingering and I had no pain at all. I did a tonne of my own research before hand so let me share the best with you:

    1. Have her clitorally and/or g-spot orgasm first. Honestly, it's the best way to relax her beforehand.

    2. LOADS of lube. I mean WAY more than you think is necessary on both you and her.

    3. Have a look at different anal positions before you start. There are plenty of different options that she might be more comfortable with than the standard doggie entrance (this is mainly because you stretch the area in this position which can be quite painful). In fact, sex therapists tend to suggest the spooning position with her on her side because she'll naturally be more relaxed and it gives a level of intimacy to the first time. This is what I tried and I really had very little pain despite never using a butt plug and only being fingered with one finger before.

    4. If you're concerned use a douche but honestly I tried it and that was more uncomfortable than the anal sex. Since the first time I've never really used it and I've never had a problem. Just make sure you use the bathroom before sex starts!

    It really is an amazing experience if done with the right partner so really communicate through the experience. I'm lucky enough to be able to orgasm with anal but it can be very pleasurable for both partners even if this doesn't happen. Good luck!

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    I have tried for 6 years to get into anal with my partner..we had a beginners butt plug and beads from somewhere before lh and i hated them ..he had to get me very drunk to use them hehe..even with fingers i had to be very turned on or drunk >< que lovehoney in july..we got a lh silicone beginners butt plug and that was nice i managed to not be drunk and make love with that one in with plenty of lube..but what ive discovered is glass long and thin..no lumps or bumps i like that alot. Or even vibrators as long as they are long and thin the vibrations feel devine..but i hate the in and out motion anally..so although we have come a long way in 6 months there is no way iam ready for him yet..take it slow see what suits her best and relax xx

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    Thank you so so much everyone for your replies. Lots of useful tips and some made me laugh aswell :)

    I've bought the anal lube and beginners butt plug from on here so all set.

    I really really can't wait to slide in there for the first time but will take it very very slowly with lots and lots of lube! Start with one finger, then two, then the toy a few times and then possibly try and slide my head in at least ;)

    It's probably the only time being smaller or thinner would be a good thing haha.

    First things first, I'm going to trim my nails ;)


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    Please excuse my innocence, but double dip? What is that?
    Thanks! X

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    Double dip - both holes in one session.

    happyandhorny [sign in to see picture]
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    Ahhh thanks - probably could have guessed that! I can guess ass - p*ssy isn't the best but surely the other way around is OK?

    MysticalMayhem [sign in to see picture]
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    It's up to you whether you do this, but either way there's a risk of infection. Just be prepared to take that risk. But I think for now, don't even consider it until ready.

    Naughty Miss K [sign in to see picture]
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    For the first few times I would say don't have any alcohol as well, I know some people like to but you don't want to increase the risk of tearing or doing any damage down there, and so you both need to be sharp and paying attention. Orgasms and/or foreplay are the way to go with relaxing! :)

    Another thing to consider is the use of condoms, some people use toys and their partner there without anything, personally I like condoms on all toys/penis' that go there!

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    HYGIENE Is another BIG must, Always after anal, if your using toys, make sure your wash them THOROUGHLY, plenty of hot soapy water and a good toy cleanser and leave to air dry, and even wash them before you come to use them again. Also hygiene applies to you and your partner, a nice hot shower after your play, preferably together.



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    Oh god this is my type of thread for sure! Love anal, adore it to be brutal. Lube, yes a fair bit but don't flood the poor thing out! lol. Starting small and after a few times enlarge the plug or vibe or dill what ever your pleasure.

    When you think she's stretched a bit back there you can venture in. I'm not going to ask if you're hung like a donkey or of a regulare size, but I'm think you're the average Joe blow! yes I'm very direct!!

    When the time comes you want to inch your way in, she needs to be really turned on prior to this stage remember! that first push in is the most important and you need to take care. Rubbing her ass whilst doing this or another part of her will all help. You then just have to be really gentle to begin with the first few times.

    If she likes it (and I'm sure you will!) then the pace can be quickened up and just keep building. I find anal and my wand on my clit mind blowing, mix it all up when you both get comfortable, it really is a sensational act. I hope it's everything you both would like it to be! x

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    As a beginner to this my self..been together 11 yrs and last 10 of them she was way to scared to but since lovehoney I have a transformed wife and sex life .. only first try last week .. (rimming only prior to that which she loved for last few months ) she had the most intense orgasms from just my little finger inside her ass whilst going down onher and playing with her clit at same time ... I never ever thought she would allow this ..now she is converted !!
    Good luck
    Take it slow and enjoy together

    happyandhorny [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks again to all the new replies! :)

    Lots more great tips and advice!

    I'll pass on the condoms though - horrible things! :p



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    Condoms are yuck!!! x

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    Try working up to a dildo about the same size as you.

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