1. help? : Advice on introducing boyfriend to more anal play (for him)?

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    Hello lovely community!

    I have a slightly 'sensitive' subject that i am trying to tackle, and I hope you lot can help me :)

    So, my boyfriend has recently expressed to me that he enjoys rimming and anal play that is on the 'outside', so we have begun playing around with this a couple of months ago...

    He seems pretty comfortable with the accidental slight 'slip ins' that tend to happen when the amount of lube gets a little out of control, but obviously since this is rarely intentional my fingertip is never very far inside him.

    Since he does not complain about this, i was thinking he might actually quite enjoy it if we went a little further with it, but since he seems so against anything going in i dont really know how to approach it. He has not had any prior experience at all with this so i feel like it might just be fear of the unknown, but i do believe it would be fantastic for him to discover prostate massage and such.

    Therefore im wondering if there is any way of gently approaching this with him, and seeing if he might be willing to give it a go. I would not like him to feel pressured or forced at all, this would be for him entirely, not me, i just dont want him to be limiting his sexuality due to fear of the unknown.

    Thank you all so much in advance for any advice you give me! It is really highly appreciated.

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    A way around it is next time you "accidently" slip your finger in during your forelay sessions then ask how it felt . If you get positve encouragement then perhaps ask if he would like it again. I wouldn't recommend that you place your "bare" finger in but place it in a condom or use vinyl gloves . You really don't want to get this bacteria on other parts of either of your bodies as its quite agressive and can cause nasty infenctions .

    Also check out the existing threads on Anal play.

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    I would say Just be straight with him and ask if it's something he wants to try and that you are ok either way. I wonder if maybe he wants to go further bit is scared of how you might react so he's playing it safe to see how you feel about it.

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    i completely agree with Irie, just be open and honest about you wanting to try it.

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    I would say the best thing would to discuss it with him and then maybe bring it up again in the heat of the moment. It is possible that he is just not that into it, but the fear of the unknown can be quite limiting

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