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    I'm not sure what section to put this in so my bad if i'm wrong to put it here.

    Lovehoney do a great job keeping things discreet when buying and returning items. So last week i was returning a package as something didn't fit my OH and a toy to be recycled. We've never been asked before but this time the post office wanted to know what was in the package. I decided to play it safe and say 'clothing'. I was semi-tempted to just be honest to try embarrass the person who asked but didn't fancy everyone else listening.

    Has anyone else ever been asked and would did you or would you say?


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    There is a thread somewhere on here with a similar theme.

    The Royal Mail ask whats in a parcel as certain things they don't accept. Liquids come to mind here.

    Its best being as honest as you can as they do have Xray equipmment at some of their centers and may not deliver if they find prohibited items inside.


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    If you type in embarrassed at the post office the thread is high on the given list. I posted there recently lol
    I agree with Mysteron. You have to keep it semi truth, like electrical, an unwanted toy etc as they need to know about some stuff. You'll find more information if you use the search bar *♡*xx

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    Not sex toy related but....I home educate my son and we share things in the home ed community so I was sending out shed skins to people for learning purposes, Lady behind the counter asked me what was in the packages and was a bit taken aback when I told her! 😀 I was caught off guard and wasn't sure whether to lie about it!

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