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    To be honest i think id be happy with kisses and cuddles. But theres none of that. Lots of laughs though. I dont think she's stuggling at present. She was at first, hence why i took that off her plate, and most other things. Honestly, apart from the intimacy, kisses, cuddles and sex, everything is great.


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    Well if your happy with how things are leave them but I'm sensing your not so talk to her again an tell how the lack of intimacy makes you feel.

    tell her its not just the lack of sex so she's doesn't just think you mean that Clearly she's doesn't know how your feeling cuz if she did she do something about it. Well I know I would.


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    Sounds as though your wife is a little overwhelmed with family life, and making time for you is at the end of her list of priorities for now! From what I've been reading you've pretty much exhausted trying to kick start things, all good yes! But she sounds as though she's a bit detached from you at the moment doesn't it?

    There's a great deal of reasoning within the forum on your behalf on this one, and as always it's incredibly humbling to watch other's give their advice.

    So if it's hormones, then these things can settle down, if it's just a case of feeling swamped by life right now then that too may well find it's groove! Perhaps you don't turn her on anymore! How ever if your time together is on a slippery slope then there's not much you're going to be able to do about it! I know that sounds blunt but sometimes it's staring at us in the face! Have you really sat her down and had all this out with her? really just all of it on the table? If you've just skimmed around it then she's not going to have a clue is hse just how neglected you're feeling. Do you think she still loves you the same? Do you love her the same?Are you the type that can live without the sex? All questions that need to be asked!

    Talk and talk until it hurts, because only then will you know you've exhausted it all and have some sort of outcome for you both...

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