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  1. Sex Stories!! Good And Bad (ALL Stories Welcome)

    Mr & Mrs Superman [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi everyone we thought we would start this thread to here peoples Best and Worst Sexual experiences.

    I think we will start with our Worst

    Well a good few years back when we were first into anal play for me (MR), The only toy we had to hand was the wife's little silver bullet!!! (You know where this is going lol) So everything is going ok it feels great. I've just Come and the wife looks at me goes "Uh Oh. Its gone!!!" At this point Ive now realized my insides are buzzing away. I PANICKED. I've ran into the toilet and tried to push it out. Now the only thing going through my head is "FUCK I'm going to have to go A&E! How the FUCK am I going to explain this??????" To which I gave one last almighty push and the little fucker came flying out! How lucky was I!! Funny now we look back on it lool But could have been very embarrassing.

    Now for anyone reading this who is new to anal play for him or her the moral of this story is ALWAYS use a toy with a Flare Base!!!!!!!!!

    Our Best

    The wife and I have only Just got into Pegging ( Cant believed we waited sooooo long). We had bought the Red Rider from Lovehoney.


    Last week was only our 3 time of using it. Anyway that day She got back from work and noticed I was already home and had did all the house work. So she decided to give me treat and told me to get ready for a play!!

    So I jumped in the shower scrubbed up dried off and jumped into bed.

    She came in wearing nothing but the Red Rider (Such a SEXY sight). She started kissing me from head to manhood to balls then pushed my legs up and began to lick my ass (A Rare thing) Which was AMAZING. She lubed up pushed my legs up and entered me. I must admit the Red Rider feels amazing but its also the sight of your wife on top of you making you feel that way. She was also playing my manhood while building up and good rhythm, then all of a sudden she said "I'm gona come" which made her go harder and stronger which obviously made me come! Hard!!! This was the 1st time she had come while playing with me and words cant explain how great it feels that she is getting as much from it as I do!

    Now for someone who has been into Anal play for a few years now. Pegging is and feels completely different and has definitely brought us closer as a couple!

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