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    May I offer an alternate point of view? I know kristen.and I can assure you that she fully understands the value of the community here. I know this because she and I have crossed paths in the past in other forums in a seach for just such a community as the one you all described here.

    I think it's very possible that some may have misinterpreted her question as a request to be gifted, but I am certain that is not the case. Instead, I think she wanted to vicariously experience the idea of what it would feel like to be gifted - kind of an out loud fantasy. I sincerely doubt that she would arrive here in this forum with out stretched hand. My guess is that her original post was really just intended to savor the idea and enjoy how it might feel, and nothing more.

    Anyway, that's the view from my keyboard.

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    Just to add, I'm not interested in gifts but its a great site with interesting reviews. And learn something new every time I visit the community, and refreshing honesty.

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    Hey, my response was sharing that there is an area of the forum where people post about any gift they may recieve. I was trying to be helpful. Unfortunatley for this person others have come on here who seem to seek out gifts and that has the tendency to go over not so great with folks as you have seen.


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    If I don't know who's sent me something I'm likely to send it back. I'm not ungrateful, I just don't like people wasting their money on me when they could be using it for something else. Like when food stores and supermarkets throw out perfectly good food and there are people going hungry!! I'd rather they used their money on food, or donating it to a charity or food bank. I don't like being the centre of attention so I'm not a very good receiver in that sense.

    May I ask what you mean by results in photos? I'm not sure that makes sense. Not to me anyway!

    My wish list is stuff I will eventually buy. Hence why it's so limited.


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    Oh, and another thing:::

    We get a lot of new members starting threads expecting gifts out of it, this could be why you got the reaction you did. No one is being nasty or anything, just reminding that these threads exist and you may want to try using the search box to find similar threads and join the discussions there. :)

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