1. Tips and advice needed..

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    Hi guys..

    Need some help with prostate massage. My Bf enjoys it but I'm still new to it and would like to improve my skills, so any advice, tips or suggestions on the matter would be greatly useful

    Thanks x

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    Hey :) if u type prostate into the search bar , twill throw up loads of threads from people that have posted a similar post !

    We haven't tried it yet , I say yet as my OH has started to express interest in it :) Hope u find some help from those threads x


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    Its not something we have done that often but hygiene is of paramount importance. I presume we are talking about massaging the prostate internally via the anus here. Plenty of lube( special lube for anal is best) will be required and use a vinyl glove or condom . Its very important than none of the bacteria makes contact with either of your genitals as it can cause a nasty infection .It is also very important that your guy is relaxed .

    As the above poster has said here are already threads on here about this subject that will be of more help .

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    You could try using a toy on him to take the guesswork out of it for yourself. If you search there are quite a few available on the site. Never used anything like that though, so I can't recommend anything specific.

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    just takeyour time and enjoy you both will get a buzz out of it makes him cum harder

    me ond wife enjoy it very much dont rush it take time and relax

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    It's like finding a women's g spot it's in round about the same place but everyone is different so take your time and talk about it xx


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    Getting him very excited firstly, you really want him to that point. Lot's of lube and gently gently. Hope he enjoys! x

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