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  1. Contraception... Implant ?? The snip

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    Having Had the Snip, its not a big deal, and a lot less likely to cause issue that any of the Female options as far as im aware.

    just a few days of discomfort (ie led in bed with frozen veg on the old chap) watching tv etc. not much of a upset.

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    My wife and I have 2 children, although we both think we are done, she refuses to let me have the Snip, (I suggested it, im happy to do it now).

    So as a comprimes she ended upi getting a Coil, this lasts 5 years and after a little discomfort initially its been brilliant...

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    My hubby opted for the snip in similar circumstances, following two miscarriages the last of which I was lucky to survive. It was so traumatic we decided not to try again. I didn't want to risk the pill and hubby wasn't keen on condoms so he opted for the snip. I have children already but he doesn't have any, he was 36 at the time and the doctors were understanding with the situation and agreed to the procedure quickly. Family and friends were not so understanding! It was done at a local gp surgery, took about half an hour and recovery was quick. Hubby would advise if offered the needless local anesthetic to decline as despite being needless it still draws blood and requires more administration than a local with a needle!

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    I'm so sorry about your losses :(

    I have had the implant and the pill and have found that the implant works really well as you cab forget about it, however I did experience so weight gain and bleeding problems. The pill doesn't agree with me and I'm not a massive fan of taking pills.

    It may be worth looking into what contraception can help with the menopause as well and maybe start thinking about how to prepare for it? I'm quite young so I don't know much about it only that the mother in law is using hrt to help.

    The snip is a solution which could resolve a lot of your problems and give you the level of certainty you need. Go to your doctor or a clinic and tell them your needs and they will help you work out what is vest for you.

    Hope you work it out x

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    Hi all thanks again form your kind comments and feedback. It's been really helpful. We are going to see how the next few months go and then decide. Wife is 100% sure she does not want to have any more contraception hormones so it may be the old snip. Thanks again all of you x

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    i have been on the implat and piled on the weigth get terrible mood swings and migrains i wouldnt advise it :( sorry to hear of your losses it does get any easier i have miscarried myself and theres always that little part of you that wonders what if... i hope things start looking up for you

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    You coud try the local FP/GUM clinic - though they do tend to push Mirena. I've read loads of horror stories aout it, but all the women I know who have it, stuck out the ups and downs for the first six months and now wish it was the only contraceptive they'd used.

    There are quite a few new Pill brands out there now. Again, the mini pill is pushed a lot at clinics - I could have given a miserable T-Rex a run for it's money ALL month on that, but having said that, I never found a combined pill that didn't turn me into a monthly monster, either. Without my GP's knowledge, I took my tri-phasic pills (Tri Novum I believe) back to back without break for a year and had a wonderful time. No moods, no periods, clear skin and great hair. I'm told I'm progesterone sensitive so I think that explains the great time I had.

    I had a great doc at the FP clinic who re-assured me I'd done no harm doing that. She mentioned there's a pill out now that you take without break for three months.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and do feel for you and all you've been through. I had seven miscarriages and NEVER want to go through anything like that again. At 45 we gave up - not so much wanting, but not wanting any more loss. We've used natural FP and condoms since. Mainly condoms, though, as I seem to have a semen allergy.

    I was reluctant for OH to go for the snip as he's a bit younger than me and if I got run over by a bus tomorrow, he might find a new partner and go on to have a family.

    Good luck. I hope you find something that suits you both.

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