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  1. Dilemma..

    naughty mum [sign in to see picture]
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    This guy does know a bit more about my personal background with my ex an the domestic abuse / refuge etc.. But equally I know that he has been on internet dating sites...and I am not sure he wants to advertise that, so he may keep shtoom!
    He may also excuse himself when he sees my name in the list too..
    I guess I will have to play it by ear I do know that having someone r with my personal history might be actually an asset to my role, as I would be dealing with ppl from vulnerable backgrounds, and disabilities etc. I would have a clearer insight to some issues that I might find with my potential customers.

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    Well at the time you filled it out you didn't know... you poor thing. Take a deep breath and realize you are a GOOD person, you deserve happiness and go do your best!

    naughty mum [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you Vanessa..I had hoped I get someone respond who hires/ fires to give me the other sides point of view to my dilemma.
    I think I might just leave things as they are..and if he does attend the interview, I will see if he acknowledges it first.
    Tbh.. If he is interviewing he is an absolute sweety! I don't see him giving me a hard time in an interview..

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    The problem is that if you notify the company of a possible conflict of interest they might unnecessarily write you off for working together too.
    I agree that the best course is to not say anything. Good luck with your interviews


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    naughty mum wrote:

    I honestly can't remember! There was one application form I filled in that asked if I knew anyone there..and I have filled in so many!
    I don't see it as being an issue when working in the same environment... Tbh..it would be nice to see a friendly face at the interview😊
    My partner seems fine with it..and thinks I should just go and not mention the acquaintance unless it is brought up at the interview. I thought he might get a bit weirded out being interviewed by an ex date..he thinks it a totally wacky coincidence. I know I am not wrong in the identification of him though...as he has a very distinctive name...and I doubt there is another one in the area with the same name.
    The odds of this happening though must be through the roof....maybe I should buy a lottery ticket if my luck is in!

    Go buy that lotto ticket you! x

    naughty mum [sign in to see picture]
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    Well interview has been and gone..it WAS the guy I had a dinner date with at the start of the year. It was a very professional greeting..very warm too.
    There were 2 interviewers and the other guy took the lead. Did get a chance to talk to him one to one when the other guy was copying my paperwork. Had a nice chat about how good he .. I looked...how the kids are doing, and surprise about meeting up in such a way😊
    Interview sent really well..and I think I answered all the questions in a positive way..managed to negotiate the " tell us something negative about yourself etc" quite well.
    Just need to see if I get the job on Monday.

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