1. Family life vs Sex life


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    Jessicaleon11 wrote:

    Luckily mine are little still, but I dread the day when they're older as we have nobody who would have them overnight etc.

    Luckily when we move our new house has our bedroom on the top floor and their bedrooms are on the floor below. So there's no reason they'd be anywhere near our bedroom. So as long as not banging about too much there shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    At the moment we take our toy suitcase hahah downstairs so the children don't hear us as we have baby in our room still, so can't do anything in our room.

    If it's any consolation we were in the same boat without any assistance from the family as regards babysitting etc.

    You will be able to adjust like we did with quieter sex .Another thing we did was to set the alarm for in the middle of the night ar weekends and then we enjoyed our selves.

    Don't let the situation worry you too much as there are always ways around it You just have to be a little more inventive.

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