1. How to Eff his brains our

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    My partner and I have been together for a while now. He's stuck by me though my problems and I want to thank him, by effing his brains out. Even though I am rather confident with my body, I'm not sexually cofident because I've only been with one man, so I am unsure of what to do. Please help

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    oral sex would please him

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    the internet is a useful place.... go google different positions how to give the best bjs and im sure you will get what you need

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    It very much depends what you both like? If you're confident with your body, revealing lingerie is always a winner.

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    Search through old forum posts I'm sure you will get lots of ideas there too

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    Hey :)

    You need to give us an idea of what he preferences... Like if he's a lover of oral, you bring on top etc ?!

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    Do you know what he would like? If you have specific things in mind we will be more able to give you tips and advice.

    Having said that, if you are confident in your own body, why not tie him up and give him a strip tease? Looking but no touching is sure to get his heart racing. Then a slow gentle blowjob before you sit on top of him.

    Just a suggestion.

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