1. prostate massage

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    has anyone given their man a prostate massage, did both enjoy it, any tips I am eager to do this to my OH

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    ive never done it but would like to know how it feels. to climax just doing that must be nice surely


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    Yep I've done that to my OH. He loved it, he really blew his stack big time! His big thing right now is just carressing him over his hole, drives him insane. Was niceseeing the pleasure it gave him.

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    My wife is always massaging me whether it is with her fingers, various toys including dildos (some very large ones) glass toys, vibrating ones and not to mention her fisting and pegging me too. It is amazing. The milking is just fantastic and the orgasms are intense. She can feel my prostate throb when her fingers or hand are up their. One dildo session caused me to ejaculate straight into the air by about a foor. We were both amazed.

    Use plenty of lube and although one always tries to be thoroughly clean she wears black surgical gloves as well which in itself is a bit kinky. Great thing there is as she withdraws her hand she can peel the glove back in on itself so no issues. Start smallish, relax and just explore. As I say my wife can get her fist in so you can take some large things.

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    ordered the toy on offer today,so many good reviews and half price

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