1. Delay spray whilst pregnant

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    Anyone know why it is advised not to use most delay sprays whilst pregnant? Is thete a genuine ridk of harm to baby? Or are thete any alternatives that can be used?

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    We tried the delay lube, and delay condoms, which were safe to use whilst pregnant. Although we didn't feel they worked. No idea as to why a lot of delay products arent safe during pregnancy, but to us it wasn't worth the risk. Perhaps check out the delay products, read the reviews, then go on live chat to see if they're safe to use during pregnancy if it doesn't mention it on the product info. Sorry couldn't be more helpful! x

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    I should imagine 9 months without the delay product isn't as bad as potential harm to the baby. Does it cause harm? I'd say no one knows, and that is the problem. It's probably a case of like most things, the companies are not able to test them on pregnant women to see if they are safe or not. Therefore they must state they are not safe.

    Perhaps a thicker condom could reduce sensation enough to have a similar effect? You could also look up edging, it's basically a way of training yourself to last longer in bed without needing sprays etc.

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