1. Oral sex with flavoured condoms

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    My wife hates the taste of semen, so the money shot goes elsewhere.

    We have had the thought of using flavoured condoms.

    Has anyone else done this, and what brand of condoms are the least condom tasting?

    Odd post I know, but any help would be great.

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    We tried this with Mates Flavoured Condoms as part of a multi-pack. OH said they werent bad really, but for the cost of them, you really can try and see what you guys prefer

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    I have never found flavoured condoms really get rid of the condom taste, just add another taste on top. Some brands are definitely more condom-y than others though. I haven't tried flavoured mates condoms but even the standard ones taste better than most others so I'd think the flavoured ones would be worth a go if your wife wants to try flavoured ones.

    Mates Skyn aren't flavoured but I find that because they are latex free, they don't taste that bad. They are my absolute favourite condoms (super thin, never had a breakage, no irritation) and my partners all prefer them too. They are a bit pricier but if flavoured ones don't work out, they may be another option.

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    Flavoured lube is much better or a food like chocolate . When its mixed the taste is hidden my oh isn't keen but it depends on the mood of the night too cos sometimes its no and other nights we are snowballing . I have been told it also depends on what you eat . Say something with spice will make your cum taste nice . Don't know if this is true but you got to try it .... X

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    in my younger days i used to use durex the banana was horrid but orange and bluberry where great highly reccomend using if not in a long term relationship obvs you guys are so perhaspe using condom freindly flavoured lube ? if you cant manage to find a flavoured condom that suits you guiys ?

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