1. Help - Erectile Dysfunction

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    i hope this don't sound offencive my ex use to poke and make fun of me for i too suffer from this and ive had it for awhile now my ex use to order me to get it sorted so i went to the quacks and had a check up which i was given viagra no response i tried two other types of viagra again no response we ended up going our own ways i am sick of not getting hard for women and was caught with it in one hand and a blade in the other due to this i'm slowly going off sex and being horny 24/7 doesn't help either

    i hope you get it sorted best of luck

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    If you have a sympathetic GP, go and see him or her. Your husband won't be the first person, even this week, to ask for help with ED. Often the long standing physical problem can be compounded by the anxiety and anticipation that build up, and more often than not, both sides of the problem need to be addressed.

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    While my ED is intermittent and, I'm sure, mainly psychologically (i.e stress) induced I think doing regular pelvic floor exercises has been a major factor in overcoming the problem. I think ED becomes more likely as your 'hardware' becomes less effective (due to blood-pressure issues, pelvic floor weakening etc) and so we need to be more turned on to achieve a useful erection. However, familiarity with your partner and what you usually do is likely to make this less as we get older. The pelvic floor exercises seem to make my erections firmer and more sensitive for a given level of arousal and so I have greater confidence that it's going to be hard enough and persistent enough for me to satisfy my wife.

    I'm sure masturbating to porn is likely to get you into the habit of fantasizing about a kind of sex you probably won't be getting rather than anticipating what you will be getting and dulls your arousal which can't help. Conversely, contemplating new things you can do with your partner (the kind of ideas that we get from this forum for example) creates fresh anticipation which must be good.

    Reducing the performance pressure by making sure you have other ways to satisfy your partner (whatever she likes - vibrator, strapon etc) so you don't get into a long-winded attempt to breath life back into a failed erection (which only goes to underline the failure and make it more likely you will dwell on the problem next time) has certainly helped me as well.

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    Have you tried a numbing cream in conjunction with the Viagra?

    There are lots of condoms and creams that are designed to delay ejaculation and prolong your activities.

    Also you mention that your doctor is very expensive? I would recomend you have ao e talks with your regular GP as generic viagra (Sidenafil) is available on prescription on the NHS.

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