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  1. shaving

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    As above, taking all the hair off will make for a very itchy time as it regrows.

    I always do mine with a hair trimmer on the smallest blade, so its nearly all gone. Shaved once, and never will again.

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    I trim the hair above to keep it neat with my beard trimmer. Any hair on the shaft and balls I shave off with a Mach 3 razor and I tend to do this in the shower. I lather up with a shaving gel and after doing it for so long now I don't get ingrown hairs. I tend to shave it every 2nd day. Take it slow at first until you get comfortable at doing it, certainly considered trimming the sack hairs before shaving if they are long. If you knick your sack it will bleed a bit.
    I wouldn't stop shaving it now as I prefer it bald and trimmed. The OH loves it also as she gets a smooth sack to play with.

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    Mach 3 in the shower very gently, no pressure for sack. Never knicked myself (yet).

    As mentioned above I am mad cuz I use an epilator on front around shaft, only needs to be done every 10 days or so.

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    I use a gillette fusion five-blade razor with lubricating strip. I do it in the shower and it seems to get an almost-perfect shave. Very smooth. I miss the odd hair and get an ingrown lump every now and then, but not very often.

    Just go slow and steady.

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    I well if your fist time then I would say it depends on how much hair is if its big then use machine to bring it down then use Gillette the best a man can get and shaving foam and it will be as smooth as baby bottom as I save every Sunday and it so smooth. I like to keep it small but that’s just me. Its not that hard and is the best way to shave in my option.

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    I shave regularly and always use a good quality wet razor , Gillette Mach works for me with plenty of shave gel or soap and hot water. As mentioned disposable razors generally have inferior blades and don't have the contour ability as the Mach etc.

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    you want to just use scissors or a trimmer to get as much as you can off first then use a high end electric razor. But going totally smooth is a pain and honestly looks strange. A small short scruff of hair looks a lot nicer.

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    paulsballs wrote:

    a very steady one

    +1 to this! I have a slight tremor and as such it takes me an age to do!

    Lid also say a lot of trust is required for this - I've seen the way my OH hacks away at her legs and there's no way I'd let her near me with a razor!

    Until someone bought me an electric shaver for xmas, I used blades from ShaveKit for my face. Now I've got the electric, I use the manual shavekit ones in my bits. The blades are sharp as f*** but they do a fantastic job. I've had no need to revisit straight after - which is something I've found to be an issue with Gilette and Wilkinson Sword blades.

    With off the shelf blades I've nicked myself and actually found it didn't hurt at all, but I'd still be bloody careful!

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    I've been using just a plain 3 blade razor for years without a problem, no shave gel at all. Just water from the shower. An electric trimmer to keep other areas sort as needed. I've been hoping it would encourage the wife to tame her jungle, but, no.

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    think the key is keep one razor for your junk, and a separate one for your face. I find the aldi own brand razors pretty good. They do a 5 blade razor which makes pretty short work of the nethr regions. Stay away from shaving up top though, just gets too itchy. My regime has been to use shaving foam and a new blade once a week for a thorough job, and then a quick whip round in the shower during the week. Keeps things neat and tidy. Use the beard trimmer up top, put it on a different setting depending on the mood. Currently #3 but drop to a very close trim for holidays (aka holiday haircut). Done this for probably last 7/8 years, never had any problems

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    I have used Nair sensitive hair removal cream to good effect, it lasts a little longer than shaving and there is less scratchy stubble.

    Try a small area to check how sensitive you are.

    I don't remove all my hair now as when bald the area felt sweaty rubing skin to skin, I just trim the main area and run a pair of hair trimmers set to 4mm over my scrotum. I am fair haired so this works for me

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