• Are vaginal and g-spot orgasms different?

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    Haha! I don't suppose it really matters as long as it feels good does it! :-)

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    From my experience i have had the folowing:

    Clitoral orgasm (clitoral orgasm ends with vaginal contractions)

    Vaginal orgasm(orgasm during sex not stimulation the g spot)

    G spot orgasm(during sex or masturbation often ends in ejaculation)

    Anal orgasm(i once had orgasms during being fingered i have also had them using a plug)

    Blended orgasm (can be both g spot and clit or anal and vaginal or anal and clit etc)

    nipple stimulation orgasm( stimulating my nipples makes me hve a vaginal orgasm very rarely happens but it has)

    That is just from my experience nothing technical about it really.

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    What about anal orgasm ?

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    Im going to have even more time playing around with my body now I know this knowledge :)

    What does an anal orgasm feel like? Like is it contractions? Ive never felt anything close to an orgasm up there :/

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    I didn't want to start a new thread so just posted in this one. I think I may have had a G-spot orgasm today, but I'm not sure as it felt similar to a clitoral one. I was using my glass dildo, and did not stimulate my clit, but I had my finger on it. Does anyone know if you can have a clitoral orgasm through stimulating the G-spot?

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    First things first when I squirt it can be from vaginal penetration or clit. The squirt happens a few seconds before orgasming (for me anyway). As for vaginal orgasm I get different strengths, sometimes really strong and other times barely there. I think this is down to where you are receiving most friction, g spot or deeper in or shallower. I would then say they are all vaginal orgasms just achieved from wherever the friction has been concentrated. We are confusing though 😊

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    Anal orgasm feels to me like it starts in the lower back but I orgasm in my vagina from anal but it feels deeper than a vaginal orgasm. It is so difficult to explain 😔

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    Hi leilaK sounds like a g spot to me but our clits are inside our bodies as well so yes they can be stimulated from the inside.

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    Im now lost ....A ..G...join the dots and hey presto ...Orgasm must program the satnav from now on

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    I love A-spot orgasms the most, they are the most profound, divine out of this world experience and it can go on for a long time, easily half an hour or more. They always leave me feeling profoundly satisfied and somehow deeply touched and connected.

    Clitoris orgasms are a bit harder to control, they can be explosive if I'm not careful and then they leave me over sensitive and more or less wanting to roll over and fall asleep. Plus they only last a few seconds.
    When I do manage to relax and not hunt the orgasm so much, but just enjoy the sensations and feeling of intimacy and togetherness, then clitoral orgasms can be multiple. I once had 30 orgasms or so in 20 minutes. But they were still quite localized to the genital area and not whole body as such, even if they made my toes twitch, it didn't feel like my entire body was orgasming nor did they touch me in any profound way.

    I didn't experience a g-spot orgasm alone, but blended clitoris/g-spot is amazing and again something that can turn into multiples fairly easy. They are kind of a middle type for me, much more pleasurable than clitoral orgasms alone, not quite as profound as A-spot.

    U-spot orgasms feel the most playful to me, very bubbly and light and they either make me want to laugh or meditate.

    Nipple orgasms I only had a few times, but they feel very connected somehow to the deep A-spot orgasms. When my nipples are stimulated enough I suddenly become very aware of my cervix and also it feels support loving and nurturing.

    Anal orgasms I still haven't experienced, they are on my to do list :-D

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