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  1. Bittersweet Best Night of My Life!!

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    Last weekend me and the OH spent a night in a hotel after a big house party. He knows all of my kinks and interests and while he isn't the same as me he's been willing to try a few, occasionally using a crop to spank me. I try not to pressure him into anything because I undersand his point of view, he doesn't like the idea of hurting me no matter whether I say it's a good thing or not.

    Anyway, to the good bit... So we come back to the hotel after this big house party both a little tipsy let's say. Things get a little heated and he tells me to undress. Yep I'll play! Undressed and on the bed he climbs on still in his jeans and fulfills all of my dreams in one night! He was incredibly dominant, quite belittling and demeaning towards me. Perfect. It gets better, he hits me for talking out of turn... across the face. Now I know that's probably quite known here on these amazing forums but it was soooo unexpected and extremely hot. He tests my limits for a good hour, hitting me harder and harder and becoming more aggressive. Still perfect!!! This hour or so was the best of my life, even though (yet partly because) I wasn't allowed an orgasm.

    However, it turns when I think he might have sobered a little maybe or just pushed himself too far. It stops for the evening because its not what he wants to do, which I'm fine with as I know we have very different limits and I was so grateful for what he'd done. But here comes the bittersweet: he doesn't want to do it again, and I think he'll be too scared to try to push the limits again now.

    We're in a long term relationship so patience is something I'm willing to have. Any other advice on how not to pressure him but make sure he's not put off for life?


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    I would recommend this game: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29558. It has done wonders for us in trying out new things and discovering our limits can be pushed A LOT (like a LOT LOT) further than expected! We played it again last night and it was oh! so incredible fun (couldn’t stop smiling all day thinking about it), it has led to him doing things we never have done or even discussed before and I discovered him to be quite naturally talented and creative. I will not go into details as wouldn’t want to be too graphic, but let’s just say he’s been a lot more Christian Grey than the famous counterpart himself! (No, not a fan of the books, but needed a paragon.) Oh, the things… *smiles again viciously*

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    From reading this it seems you are quite open about you sex life with him, have you asked why he wanted to stop?

    Perhapps he was not sure how much you wanted and did not want to take it too far? Is there any "kinks" that he is in to or has expressed an interest in which you could do and combine with your "kink"

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