1. Pleasure lube gel and IBS/Tummy probs

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    I started using lubricant for the first time ever just over two weeks ago to go with my first sex toy a durex play delight bullet, and although I soon get quite wet I found using lube was more enjoyable, plus without I find I get a slightly sore patch just inside front of the vagina.
    I only used it analy once, but a couple times or so a day vaginaly and on the clit, after about four or five days days I woke up with a sore bowl and had collitis type stools, something I have suffered with ocassionly for years, but it got worst and after a day or two I also had a really sore tummy and the runs and constipation etc think poss IBS which I suspect I get from time to time but not been confirmed.
    The only thing I can pinpoint it to is the lube, I have left of using it for three days now and been symptom free for two , though I have taken IBS relieve tabs.
    Leaving the tabs of now and see how things go but I see from searching the net that some water bassed lubes can trigger IBS, as contains Glyserine, the one I used was Tesco Sequre waterbassed lube but can't find anywhere that gives the ingrediants.
    I have also got a Durex play Feel lube also waterbassed which I havn't tried yet as only got it just after purchasing the Tesco one as saw it on offer and thought be nice to try different ones, I understand this is Clyerine free so will have a few days off tabs then if I'm Ok will then try this one, I have still used the bullet but without lube, but yesterday felt the sore spot so need something
    I was Just wondering though if anyone here has had this probleme with waterbassed lube and can anyone suggest alternatives ? If poss with a link to the product,it dosn't need to be condom friendy as not in a relationship , just OK for my bullet and future toys.
    Went for water bassed as new to sex toys and understand this is OK with any type sex toy and I want to buy more just as soon as I can afford them.
    Obviously if problems persist I will get medical advice and not after medical advice from here, I just want to know if it is the lube as I suspect, what alternatives you would reccomend or have worked for you if you have had problems.
    Thanks in advance x

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    I think the answer is "it could be". Glycerine/glycerol is known for irritating the bowels and causing movements, and is actually an ingredient in some suppository/enema style laxatives (example: search the web for Micralax).

    Durex Play although being water based does contain glycerine according to this comparison: https://www.yesyesyes.org/KYjelly.htm (the Yes lube is one sold here at Lovehoney so I figure putting a link to it is ok). I think it's likely that the Tesco one does too - most of the cheaper and/or own label/brand ones do.

    You might be better off with a lube that explicitly dosn't contain glyerine, maybe from Yes http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/lubricants/water-based-lubes/yes/all/all/all/all/ or Sliquid http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/lubricants/all/sliquid/all/all/all/all/

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    Thank you FlyingSmurf, I will have a look at the lubes you have linked to in a moment, I meant to say links to products on Lovehoney , I think thats only fair, but glad you thought to do that anyway.
    I really appreciate your help. x

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    The sliquids are also one of the best around. I have the plain one and its perfect.

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    I would say keep your current lubes for vaginal play and possibly find a more body friendly one to use anally? It's also possible it was just coincidence ?

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    If you think Glycerine in lube is to blame look out for lubes that say they are sensitive or organic these will be glycerine free also check product descriptions i know lovehoney brand, wicked, sliquid, 50 shades, system jo, yes, pjur all have waterbased lubes that will be glycerine free

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    Any of the Sliquid lubes, they're all glycerin and paraben free, and contain very few ingredients :-)

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    I can't use the durex or Tesco lubes for the same reason. I end up with terrible IBS. Had no problem with the Lovehoney ones. Yet to try Sliquid, but hoping to in the near future.

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    I would say that your problems could be caused by the lube. I am sensitive to glycerin and parabens as well, for me it caused infections there, because it unbalances me so fast - one use is enough.

    I hope it is the lube causing the problems, because that is easy to solve.

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    i get ibs from time to time and have tried a few water based lubes now and none have irritated me i think it depends on the indevidual perhaps try sensative ones ?

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    Thanks all for taking the time to pos, I am sorry that some of you also have IBS problems but it has been reasuring to know that you have found lubes that you can use and I am really grateful to you for sharing this info with me.
    I shall try some of the lubes you have reccomende .
    again thanks everyone x

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