1. Advice on introducing my wife to anal beads and glass butt plug

    Ragnar Lodbrok [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd be eternally grateful for your advice on how I might introduce my wife to anal toys viz. anal beads and glass butt plugs.

    As a surprise, earlier today I purchased today's "Deal of the Day" - Tracey Cox Multispeed Vibrating Butt Plug; a Lovehoney Amethyst Sensual Glass Butt Plug (Clear); and Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Anal Beads with Finger Loop (12").

    Over the past year we have indulged in anal sex and she says that she really enjoys it - though we haven't discussed the introduction of anal toys.

    I'd like to take it to the next level and use anal toys in our love-making.

    We are quite an adventurous couple as far as our sex lives are concerned: during the past year, we have introduced Bondage and Domination into our love-making and she has enjoyed being constrained whilst being attached to wrist cuffs, and a leg spreader (by ankle cuffs).

    She also enjoys my using a strap on dildo on her - although she says she'd much prefer my penis ; )

    I'd be happy for her to switch roles and have her dominate me - and I'd also welcome her to use the strap on and anal toys on me. Perhaps this might be a good approach as to introducing her to anal toy play.

    My delivery is due on Saturday morning and I'd really like to use the new "toys" on Saturday night.

    Your help and advice would be most welcome!



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    It sounds like she is fairly open to new things, so just crack on and talk to her about it. You are over the initial "will she like Anal play" so i think you have nothing to lose by showing the new toys to her and suggesting it.

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    If she likes the strapon then she already likes toys. How about blindfolding her and introduce them as you said " a surprise"

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    Honestly if she's comfortable with anal sex already the toys really shouldn't be hard to incorporate if she's not, in general, anti-toy. I think more couples use them to build to getting to full penetration as opposed to the other way around so I really doubt you'll have a problem.

    In any case - have fun!

    Ragnar Lodbrok [sign in to see picture]
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    Many thanks to all the kind members of the "LH family" who made sound suggestions and for your reassurance.

    I dont think that I should encounter too many problems ... if I do, then I'll request the toys be used on me!!!

    Thanks again.



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