1. sleeping wife

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    Is "touch" a code for sex and is sex in this case non consensual for whatever reason even reason of sleep?

    This needs communication and agreement before hand but I wouldn't act on it without a complete understanding first.

    Now if you mean really touch I would always move my leg to brush hers and then just settle right there usually for a little while before dozing off. Repeat every REM cycle or two.. Lovely.

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    Best way to be woken up 😜

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    Woke up in the middle of the night, a few nights ago, the OH was on her side, her back to me, well I just had to slide myself into her, she sleeps really deeply so I could have some fun without her waking, she knows I touch her and is OK with it, last night she had her leg over me on her back so just had to give her kitty a stroke and pull on her labia rings also reminded me to give her a shave soon too.

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    my man regularly cums on me while im sleeping, he does it where ever he fancies, my face, feet, hair, bum etc..

    i love it, i find it quite kinky too, and i think he does. i'll quite often ask him if hes had a wank, and he almost alway's replies that he came on me! he does touch me too while he's at it, and we both love it.

    so i think you should give it a go, and just test the waters abit. you'll more than likely both come to love it! its now a normal part of my sex life ;)

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    Its not the first time I've had sex with her whilst she's asleep, have yet to find a way of having anal sex without her becoming restless though.

    And I've told her I always play with her if I wake in the night.

    i would be only too happy if she started to fist me

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