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    I've recently changed shifts so hardly see my wife during the week, so I've started texting her ay the beginning of the week with the idea of a role play fantasy and built it up all week, so by the weekend once the kids are asleep we go into fantasy mode, this week was sailer on shore leave visiting his favourite prostitute. The sex was amazing but saying that its always good anyway, its more the build up during week that I like, receiving the next text. Anyway any one have any good ideas for future fantasys and can too much role play be a bad thing or become boring.


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    Seriously how can roleplay become boring? It can feature any kink that you can think of from being bent over and spanked to being subject to electo fetish electic sex. Another example is your OH could become a Dominatrix just for an evening . All you would need is her agreement of course and the appropriate costume and implements

    So boing no.

    You are only limited by your own imagination and your own set boundaries which you shouild have already in place. Safewords are a must though so the scenario can be stopped at anytime without questions asked. There are plenty threads on safewords if you need that expanding .

    The acting and dialougue tends to be the biggest stumbling block with most people . But really this isn't an issue and can be very funny. My Mrs is that bad trying to speak in a French accent that she sounds more like Helga out of Allo Allo.So I have a German Maid sometimes and not a French one :)THe key thing here is to bring fun to sex instead of the same old same old .

    I don't know what your wife likes but most women like firemen. So why not get a Firemans Costume( you may need to go to a fancy dress store for this as LH don't stock them yet) and take a tempting picture of yourself and send it to your Mrs .

    For the play itself you could always rescue your Mrs from a fire and carry her to safety. What woman would turn that down?! . If you are confident and with your own body perform a sexy striptease for her after as well .

    If you still want more ideas then just ask but would be a good idea to advise everyone of you and your partners boundaries . For example if your Mrs doesn't like being tied up then avoid all roleplays that contain such activities.

    Honestly you will have fun and lots of it and never be bored .

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    Role play can never be bad! Personally, the only times I have engaged with role play, is with an ex female, sexual partner, so our role play was slightly different to a woman/man couple.
    personally, I love the idea of the naughty butler, who waits on me hand and foot, in his tight boxers and matching bow tie 😜 or maybe get your partner to be your naughty maid, that you must make sure is keeping good care of your home while you're not there, so you can give her a good payment at the end of the week.

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    As mysteron says your only limited by your imagination. Usually text just like yourself but over the course of a day. If i did this over a week she would be like a nympho on heat and id never survive

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